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About Bristlecone

About Bristlecone

The Bristlecone pine is a metaphor for who we are and what we represent. Bristlecone pine trees are more than 5,000 years old. This tree species is one of the oldest living organisms growing and surviving in extreme climatic conditions while also outliving civilizations.

We are a supply chain and analytics solutions company. We help enterprises thrive across business cycles by unleashing the potential of the supply chain. Our solutions and services provide business insights to innovate and build a competitive advantage.

Bristlecone believes that enterprises can flourish only by unlocking their value. We convert supply chains into value chains—by increasing visibility, enhancing analytics, improving monetization, streamlining procurement, and rationalizing expenditure. By combining intellectual capital with proprietary solutions, we ensure supply chains turn into sustainable business value.

Catalyst for business
Bristlecone’s solutions focus on timeless business impact. We simplify supply chains to enhance their performance and let them develop insights that accelerate growth. Global enterprises choose us to reshape supply chains due to our track record of Business Transformation.

A supply chain: network of networks
Bristlecone’s supply chain offerings harmonize processes and drive innovation. We collaborate with technology partners to leverage a broad spectrum of point solutions, products, and platforms. The solutions harness mobility, cloud, and Internet of Things to improve business outcomes. Our ecosystem enables enterprises to capitalize on cutting-edge technologies and best practices in supply chain management.


Bristlecone is part of the USD 17.8 billion Mahindra Group. Mahindra is a global corporation operating in 20 industries, including automobile, financial services, and information technology in more than 100 countries.

In the supply chain space, Gartner recognizes Bristlecone as one of the top ten system integrators and rates its planning, sourcing, and procurement practices as the industry’s best. Bristlecone is uniquely positioned to solve the most complicated problems of supply chains and provide them with distinctive advantages. Additionally, Advanced Market Research (AMR) considers Bristlecone one of the best brands in SAP SCM.

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