Mahindra’s California-Bred Bristlecone Retraces Its Asia Origins

Bristlecone’s APAC Business to grow at 200% annually

Mumbai, December 01, 2015 – Bristlecone – the supply chain, procurement and analytics consulting leader – announced today that it is accelerating its India and Southeast Asia investments. The Silicon Valley born and bred consulting firm that was acquired by the Mahindra Group (M&M) in 2004 believes in a very simple philosophy – “Localize Customer Solutions and Innovation”.

The Southeast Asia and India markets have been maturing fast and India is on the path to become a manufacturing hub as well. As such, the supply chain and analytics focus in this region has taken centre stage and a new level of importance. Bristlecone has won several new clients over the last 6 months and is seeing an increase in demand for its services in the region. The increase in demand is coming from several industry verticals, from discrete manufacturing and process industries – Hi-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Consumer Products, Retail, and Telecommunication to name a few.

Irfan A. Khan, President and CEO of Bristlecone explained, “There are three reasons for us to expand our focus in the region. Number one, the number of Southeast Asia and India based customers who have an increased demand for their supply chain and analytics needs have reached a critical mass. Number two, our global customers continue to expand operations in these markets and want us to help take the best practices and localize them for their needs in the new markets. Finally, as we continue to expand our capability and innovation map, this region continues to be a hotbed for innovation and it gives us an opportunity to prototype many solutions here before we launch globally to other markets. We are increasing our GTM, delivery and innovation investments substantially in the region.”

Bristlecone has more than 1500 Supply Chain consulting professionals across High-Tech and Semiconductor, Consumer Goods, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Retail, Discrete Manufacturing and Process Industries. The company partners with SAP, Oracle, Kinaxis, Ariba, SPS Commerce and Qlik.

The company’s latest offerings are in the space of Supply Chain Analytics– a subscription-based analytics platform on the cloud and a preconfigured end to end solution for the global dairy industry.

About Bristlecone:

Bristlecone is a leader in advising clients on how to maximize the strategic value of their supply chains and how to assist them in unleashing that value rapidly through the effective use of enabling technologies. Rated by Gartner among the top Supply Chain Management System Integrators, Bristlecone has enabled strategic, incremental value for over 300 customers across multiple industry verticals. With its singular focus on addressing procurement and supply chain challenges, it helps clients diagnose, design, enable and enhance their operations by encapsulating years of experience into pre-configured solutions, accelerated deployments and enhancement packs for the leading supply chain technologies.

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, Bristlecone also has offices located across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and India. To know more visit: