The Amalgamation of the Supply Chain with the Value Chain

The transformation of a supply chain into a value chain is inevitable to any organization which pursues process optimization and quality control protocols with the utmost seriousness. By its very definition, a value chain helps create competitive advantage for the business and provides the maximum possible value to its customers. Offering value to the consumer […]

Value Chain Transformation in the Hi-Tech and Semiconductor Industry

The global demand for the products and technology that the High Tech industry creates is at an all time high. With the Internet of Things poised to grow exponentially, and following the ever increasing penetration of smart devices in every corner of the world, the High tech and Semiconductor industry will be growing faster than […]

Supply Chain Analytics – Playing a Vital Role in Enhancing the Performance of Supply Chain

Supply chain is bound to evolve over a course of time, and with newer technologies providing enhanced data collection and processing capabilities, the modern day supply chain has become virtually unrecognizable from what it was but a decade ago. However with the recent economic impacts such as rising fuel costs, the global recession, supplier bases […]