Bristlecone Launches 'Bristlecone Labs'

Bristlecone has launched Bristlecone…

How SAP HANA and Supply Chain Management Go Hand in Glove

Today’s consumers demand quality, availability, and speed, but as their tastes change, vendor responsiveness simply slows down. It impacts supply chains deeply. But an ever increasing amount of data is being generated throughout supply chains, which can be used to advantage. What organizations need to do: Use advanced technologies to analyze data in real time […]

SPI Research Honors Bristlecone

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Shrinking IT Budgets: How to Deliver More for Less

The last two days at Bristlecone Pulse 2016 have been eventful and we had the opportunity to listen to industry leaders. Jeremie Davis and Tim Weaver from Del Monte foods talked about optimizing technology investments in supply chain; Richard De Souza discussed the digital transformation journey at our parent company, Mahindra Group; Angela Olson shared insights from … Continue reading Shrinking IT budgets: How to deliver more for less

Gap Widens Between Average and 'Best-of-the-Best'

SPI Research, the leading…