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Data Discovery and Visual Analytics for Ansell

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The Future Lies with Diagnostic Analytics

The world revolves around data,and every industry uses analytics to make informed decisions. However, Noha Tohamy, research vice president at Gartner, has said, “A lack of understanding of what advanced analytics is, and is not, dissuades organizations from examining their potential to improve supply chain processes.” The analytics value chain typically starts with gathering data […]

Sustainability: Where do you Strive for it in your Supply Chain?

I’m on my flight home from the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, where Lora Cecere welcomed global supply chain leaders to imagine The Supply Chain of 2030. Presenters shared examples of Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and how they are digitalizing their supply chains. Themes emerged, such as the importance of talent, the need to … Continue reading Sustainability: Where Do You Strive for It in Your Supply Chain?

Evolved Complexity of Identity Management

As we all know, when we do research for the solutions like identity management or access management solution, several other factors come into the picture. Finding a right solution to solve multiple business problems which offers significant and ongoing ROI as well, is not an easy task. System networks and new OSs are proliferating day … Continue reading Evolved Complexity of Identity Management