Is Cloud Applications Adoption Easy?

Cloud Applications Adoption: Every industry and company has adopted cloud in some format. Cloud adoption is going to go up from here due to ease of procurement, anywhere accessibility, and improved productivity. As per the survey from RightScale 95% of businesses already have cloud footprint. Other reasons for the growth of cloud products are that … Continue reading Is Cloud Applications Adoption Easy?

Simplifying the World of Supply Chain

The performance of most businesses is directly proportional to the effectiveness of their supply chain strategies. And it might come as a shocker, but even today many businesses have supply chain strategies that are not lined up to their business goals or these strategies are not communicated well enough within the business. Hence, it becomes … Continue reading SIMPLIFYING THE WORLD OF SUPPLY CHAIN

Webinar: IBP Adoption - Learn from Industry Experts

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Cloud Transaction Automation - Fruit of the Loom

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