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Disruption and the Antifragile Supply Chain

Bristlecone’s second annual Pulse event concluded a week ago – a platform for leaders in supply chain and visionaries in technology to design their future strategies.  I’m looking through the presentations, videos and social media posts from our conference, delighted to share more content with those of you who were unable to join us in … Continue reading Disruption and the Antifragile Supply Chain

Cognitive Transformation of the Supply Chain: Its Influence on the Bottom Line

The idea of cognitive computing is fairly new, yet it has gripped the world’s imagination. In every business conference, thought leaders are referring to analytic’s, process automation and the Internet of Things, or IoT. It is only natural for us to wonder how this transformation can be applied to specific business domains, especially one as […]

Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers: Business Imperatives for a Supply Chain

Ever since Bitcoin – a cryptocurrency and online payment system using virtual currency – made inroads in 2013, Blockchain (the technology behind the Bitcoin platform), has grabbed attention of all. This is because Blockchain technology is extendable across industries, and is not restricted to Finance. In fact, it will be prudent to say that Blockchain … Continue reading Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers: Business Imperatives for a Supply Chain

IoT and Supply Chain: Threats and Opportunities Ahead for Global Businesses

The Internet of Things is expected to generate a plethora of data (terms like zettabytes, petabytes and exabytes are being bandied about) as machines talk to machines and with sensors on absolutely every object or person! It is now an accepted fact that companies get a lot of valuable insights and information from this data […]

Feel the Pulse of your Supply Chain

Every business aims to be the best, but the changing demands of the global marketplace makes it difficult for them to stay relevant. That’s when business firms look out in the open to find an answer, to find companies with similar pain points and the solutions used to overcome them. Hence businesses, especially those in … Continue reading FEEL THE PULSE OF YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN