Future of Logistics and Supply Chain

Digital business is the new reality. New business models blurring the lines between digital and physical world by connecting people, other business entities and things to drive the revenue as well as efficiency. In the new era – every “thing” with any value, will have sensors embedding intelligence. It will continue to transmit the information […]

Mantra for Successful Procurement Transformation

Organizations are increasingly becoming complex due to globalization and accelerated growth-organic and inorganic. While this growth is important for business, if it is not managed well, it impairs business agility thereby increasing strategic risk for the organization. Successful organizations that have mitigated this risk well have business processes that are EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, and COMPLIANT. The … Continue reading Mantra for successful procurement transformation

Address these Pitfalls Proactively for a Successful Ariba Procurement Transformation

Although Ariba is a cloud solution, its deployment involves lot of efforts from the customer’s business and IT teams. I have seen many engagements where customer’s team struggles to proactively address and prioritize its tasks and thereby creating a risk on project scope, timelines and user adoption of the deployed solution. The intention of my … Continue reading Address these pitfalls pro-actively to have a successful Ariba procurement transformation

3 Golden Rules for SAP Ariba Solutions Deployment

In the last few years we have seen a massive growth in the deployment of cloud based procurement solutions across the globe. This can be the result of several factors – lower TCO, quick ROI, shorter deployment cycles – to name a few. However, what not all people realize is that it is not only … Continue reading Three Golden rules for SAP Ariba solutions deployment

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