Bristlecone-Pulse, October 2017: Mapping the Future of Supply Chains

And it’s back! The third Bristlecone Pulse Conference is being brought to you at the world-renowned MIT campus in Cambridge, MA. Scheduled for October 25th to 27th, Pulse 2017 on the East Coast will be about ‘Your Roadmap to Antifragility’. Antifragility is the radical concept introduced by philosopher-author-financial analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book, ‘Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder’, that talks about systems that grow and even thrive in disruption.

What does antifragility have to do with Supply Chains? Join us at Pulse to listen to our distinguished and eminent thought-leaders speak on an assortment of topics such as Enabling Antifragility in Supply Chains and How Machine Learning Impacts the IoT network.

We’re very pleased and honored to host Prof. David Simchi-Levi, renowned Operations and Supply Chain expert and Engineering Systems Professor at MIT as well as Chairman of OPS Rules. Dr. Simchi-Levi will speak on Delivering Customer Value through Digitization, Analytics and Automation.

Dr. Federico Casalegno, Associate Professor of the Practice, is the Founder and Director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab at MIT. He will focus on Designing Networked Digital Technologies to Foster Connections in his address.

We’re excited that Dr. Abel Sanchez, Executive Director of MIT’s Geospatial Data Center and Architect of “The Internet of Things” global network will bring Connected Intelligence for Pulse attendees.

Dr. Leonardo Bonanni is the Founder CEO of Sourcemap, a MIT start-up specializing in Supply Chain mapping and transparency. His talk will be about Transparency and Sustainability in Supply Chain.

Our President and CEO, Irfan A Khan shall deliver the keynote address. Mr. Khan will also be featured among many others in our panel of business leaders from the consumer goods industry who will talk about the huge changes sweeping across our industry and enabling the digital transformation of Supply Chains.

This prestigious event is your chance to network with the movers and shakers creating futuristic Supply Chain technologies. Be there to get your ringside view of tomorrow’s Supply Chains. Take back learnings to make your Supply Chain future-ready.

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