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Integrating Social Media Platforms with ERP, CRM and HCM Apps: The Martini

Martini, the word however may drive me away from the topic but soon you will agree how it fits best here. With the evolution of technology, end-customers are becoming more demanding and word-of-mouth plays a significant role. This trend has actually boosted the role of social media in Businesses and it is actually great to see how space between End-Customer and Service Provider has diminished.

Now customers can easily connect to the core business processes, ask other customers about their experience, share the feedback with others and hence can participate better than ever. Most of the core businesses industries has always kept a ‘safe’ distance from the end-users but taste is changing now!

At the present, every Business wants to blend the business processes with customer’s requirement and feedback. Thus, it becomes crucial that your business process and technology interact with your customers. Vikram Malhi, Country Head, Expedia India agree with this fact and further add that ‘do-it-yourself’ model is the hottest drift in market and very soon we will see the end of ‘put things together for me’ segment.


There are many more benefits why you should consider wider and deeper integration of Social Media Platforms with ERP, CRM and HCM systems:

  • Build trust and credibility among customers as they feel being part of the business
  • Much matured products to meet customer’s requirement
  • Increased responsiveness to customers
  • Better visibility and flexibility to respond to change and seize opportunities
  • More efficient processes
  • Increased market traction and a healthier revenue pipeline

So you like this perfectly blended version of business? Of course, you can always add the Lemon Twist (Data-Driven Intelligence) as per your preference. You are always welcome to share your thoughts or queries in the comment section. We can even sit and discuss about your business requirements with a cup of coffee or even ….

The Martini: Integrating Social Media Platforms with ERP, CRM and HCM Apps

Be Informed For Intelligent Decisions With ‘Business Intelligence’

Information overload is not a surprising phenomenon these days; it is a crisis that decision makers face across organizations worldwide. They have a mountain of unstructured data that they need to dig from, to support any decision they make. This doesn’t provide information real-time since a lot of time and effort goes into research. As a consequence, decision making doesn’t happen real-time either. That’s when organizations lose the competitive edge, as in today’s world it’s all about NOW. The ‘pulse’ of the market is important, the real-time demands need to be monitored and the ‘immediate responses’ are the ones that get counted.

There are consistent efforts in this space to come out with cutting-edge, scalable and affordable BI solutions. Organizations are searching for new ways to take advantage of all your data sources, including structured and unstructured data. The stress is for the right data at the right time to the right people.

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions from leading ISVs like SAP and Oracle help simplify data manipulation by allowing access, navigation, formatting and sharing of information across a corporate environment. However the current exponential growth of data has necessitated organizations to scale up their business intelligence and analytical tools and align it better to their organizational requirements.

Bristlecone’s BI NOW –much as its name, focuses on faster and informed decision making, claiming to reduce the implementation time by 50% and increase the cost savings by 65% on a typical implementation. The solution has pre-configured BI content with 76 reports across Quote to Cash, Procure to Pay, Financial & Cost Accounting, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management and Supply to Market modules. Bristlecone’s robust solution ensures the availability, integrity, security, granularity and timeliness of the right data.

Business is all about metrics, and Bristlecone plays a major role in time-sensitive metrics. With extensive expertise in SAP BW & BO and experience in BI projects across domains, we know the trends and outliers in the game to direct you the right way.