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Get Your Supply Chain Going – The Healthy Way!

‘Supply chain and procurement diagnostics’ is SAP’s solution to evaluate and streamline your supply chain and procurement processes. Thriving off the age old adage – prevention is better than cure, SAP has introduced the Supply Chain Diagnostics Solution comprising of comprehensive frameworks to regularly monitor supply chain and sourcing & procurement processes. It analyzes the root causes of any issue in your supply chain, providing the opportunity to improve the operations and yield better profitability.

This solution from SAP provides a complete health check for supply chains and procurement processes. It identifies improvement areas and recommends road map for enhancing supply chains through a series of discovery sessions, workshops and detailed and comparative analysis.

Bristlecone is a supply chain expert, well versed with supply chain best practices and can help you with user-specific analysis, allowing editing and granular adjustments.

We have built an Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) Framework and a Source to Pay Diagnostic Framework to provide you with a comprehensive and step-by-step analysis of your planning and source-to-pay processes.

Bristlecone’s Frameworks:

  • Provides detailed analysis of the current performance of planning and Source-To-Pay processes with an understanding of the KPIs and relevant procurement processes
  • Identifies areas of improvements
  • Identifies means to optimize existing applications, processes and tool sets
  • Provides knowledge of industry-wide best practice processes
  • Provides high level roadmap and effort estimation
  • Provides business content basket consisting of KPIs, creative dashboards and intelligent reports for both buyers and sellers enabling both buyer and supplier side metrics measurement
  • Recommends ways to maintain accurate and relevant data

Bristlecone leverages its domain expertise to examine and find process gaps, enabling quick corrective actions and optimal supply chain management. We work with your people to quantify the improvements in your supply chain, saving time, money and obsolescence costs.  We look forward to new horizons of customer service levels with our diagnosis and help our customers pro-actively optimize their processes based on our findings.