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Explore your options for Demand Analytics within Oracle

The need for tools that allow you to access data on demand, has been a long standing one for the supply chain world, and over the years these tools have only gotten better. As the computing power at the disposal of an organization continues to rise exponentially, and massive data storage technologies become affordable by the day, companies are leveraging those to transform streams of data to detect patterns and abnormalities, and crunching this data to predict future trends with a high degree of accuracy. Demand analytics has been a reckoning force behind majority of the progress that the SCM industry has seen, and it continues to shape the industry even today.

Contemporary businesses have to fight tooth and nail to offer the best services at the lowest prices in order to maintain their competitive advantage. Supply chains have played a major role in keeping the costs low while still maintaining the high quality standards that earned the brand loyalty from their customers in the first place.

Get ready to capture business intelligence data with Oracle

Oracle provides a wide range of tool and custom solutions that allow businesses to perform demand analytics and capture real time data for rapid processing and trend analysis. The most popular applications that Oracle presents you with are:

  • Oracle DSR: Demand Signal Repository is driven towards BI gathering and captures a wide range of signals and data, and then reports it to the BI presentation layer after harmonizing and performing proper cleansing on it.
  • Oracle APCC: The Advanced Planning Command Center is a solid platform for BI related operations and works especially well with the Value Chain Planning modules created by Oracle.
  • Oracle BI with a third party VCP Analytics solution: Often used as a stopgap solution, tools like Demantra and ASCP are used in conjunction with the BI application to cover custom data sources that a number of industries use but are not covered by standard enterprise solutions.

Pick the option that best meets your business needs, and receive numerous benefits. Better capturing and reporting of data leads to a dramatic decrease in stock out and supply shortage issues, and your business gains from enhanced visibility across the value chain. And if you need help implementing these tools, you can always turn to Bristlecone, the gold partner of Oracle for solution development and implementation services. With us, your business will experience unprecedented  growth, and create more value for your consumers.