An inspiration 5,000 years in the making

We are a premier Supply Chain Advisory and Analytics SaaS+ firm inspired by a tree that is a testimony to the characteristics that withstand the test of time. The Bristlecone Pine has a lifespan of over 5,000 years. The iconic tree lives on, in forbidding conditions, bereft of water and nutrients in the soil. It grows at an altitude of 5,000 – 10,000 feet, surviving strong winds and sub-zero temperatures. Today’s supply chains have to face severe shocks like terrorism, natural disasters, changing legislation, geo-political risks and changing consumer preferences. Anyone of these, if not managed properly, can lead to serious damage to the profitability and imperil the survival of the enterprise.

We create “Digitally Connected”, flexible, responsive, robust and Green Supply Chains for our customers which provide them the much needed resilience against such disruptive threats by aligning cutting-edge technologies with enterprise processes.

We are a part of the Mahindra group, a USD 20.7 billion global federation of companies that has been surviving and thriving in global markets since 1945.

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All weather

We deliver financial supply-chain and spend analytics solutions, which affect transformation from within. They solidify the core of the enterprise, enhance business performance, and help design robust supply chains that deliver all-around value. In the short term, we help navigate the challenging business landscape. In the long term, we provide a stimulus for innovation.

World view

We help businesses gain better visibility—into and beyond the enterprise. Our data and spend analytics solutions empower decision makers to make prompt and informed decisions. With MobileConnect, we enable enterprises to ‘sense and respond’ to opportunities and challenges by capitalizing on insights.



Sustainable growth

Our advanced analytics solutions create an ecosystem that fosters organic growth. We work with partners to develop customized solutions and implement products and platforms to deliver measurable outcomes. Harnessing advanced and emerging technologies like IoE, our team ensures that the supply chain is the strongest link in the enterprise.