Entries by Vasilisa Barsukova

Digital Business Model – Stephanie Woerner, MIT

Stephanie Woerner, author and MIT researcher, educates businesses on what it takes to succeed in the digital economy. “Digital transformation is not really about digital,” she says. “It’s really about reinventing yourself – your business model, your culture, your people.” In this presentation, Stephanie take a case study approach to sharing her knowledge.

Panel Discussion – Gartner, Mahindra, Toshiba, Cepheid

Alex Pradhan, senior principal research analyst on Gartner’s Supply Chain Planning and Core Research team, moderated an informative panel discussion focused primarily on supply chain transformation best practices and challenges. The panel tackled such topics as aligning strategy and implementation, managing change, and balancing culture with innovation.

Supply Chain Visibility – Linda Morris, Toshiba

Toshiba’s Linda Morris, vice president of business operations and supply chain management, discusses how the company streamlined business processes after a series of mergers and acquisitions, when the American subsidiary was spun off from the parent. She also discusses how Bristlecone helped Toshiba overcome supply chain visibility challenges.