New Bristlecone Rapid Insights 360° Analytics Solutions

We’re pleased to introduce our new portfolio of supply chain analytics solutions.

Bristlecone Rapid Insights 360° are prebuilt and preconfigured solutions targeting critical KPIs across Spend, S&OP, Inventory and Plant Maintenance Operations. We’ve designed these new analytics solutions not only to help you generate deep data-driven insights, but to enable you to do so quickly. That’s why we’ve placed extraordinary emphasis on driving rapid time to value.

  • Spend 360°Provides end-to-end visibility, along multiple dimensions, into an organization’s spend, thus enabling key insights for optimizing procurement activities.
  • S&OP 360°Enables in-depth visibility, interaction and drilldown capabilities for sales, demand, supply, status and forecast – and supports what-if scenario analyses.
  • Inventory 360°Delivers critical visibility into the health of business-owned inventory – to reduce inventory carrying costs and obsolescence and improve service levels.
  • Plant Maintenance 360°Generates maintenance cycle notifications for critical KPIs, reduces breakdowns and unplanned maintenance, and improves process reliability.

Get up and running on any of these solutions in eight weeks or less. In the first three weeks, we focus on data mapping and rapid file-based implementation. We then spend four to five weeks completing the end-to-end implementation – including integration, testing, training and go-live.

Bristlecone Rapid Insights 360° engagements all begin with a free five-day assessment.

Interested in evaluating our new analytics solutions for your business?
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