Bristlecone Launches NEO – A Cloud-Based Platform For Supply Chain Business Analytics

Game Changing Platform accelerates value for customers through turnkey supply chain insights

San Jose, California, December 03, 2015 – Bristlecone, a global leader in supply chain, procurement and analytics consulting, has announced the launch of its game-changing cloud-based platform, Bristlecone NEO (NEO). The first release of NEO incorporates two service offerings – Spend Analytics and Financial Supply Chain Analytics – which are available in a subscription model.

Spend Analytics as a Service offers customers a value proposition that addresses several use cases to manage their supply base seamlessly. Use cases include, but are not limited to, spend analysis, supplier segmentation, and supplier risk management. This solution provides visibility to help customers evaluate supply chain cost-to-serve models.

Financial Supply Chain Analytics as a Service offers customers a value proposition that helps them easily create role-based analytic dashboards for supply chain KPIs. These provide actionable descriptive and diagnostic insights into their supply chains. The solution enables an organization to have real-time supply chain analytics at its fingertips through mobility applications and can help with both strategic and operational decision making.

Bristlecone NEO provides plug and play analytics capabilities and applications that can be used by customers to integrate real-time data into their routine business processes. It has a robust data cleansing, normalizing and enrichment platform that helps customers visualize data and discover key insights to make informed decisions rapidly. NEO comes pre-bundled with adaptors that help integrate data from enterprise systems and present a unified view along with algorithms that ensure data quality.

Irfan A. Khan, President & CEO, Bristlecone said, “We are delighted to introduce NEO to our customers. This is a milestone announcement for our customers and it takes our two decades of supply chain domain experience, industry process knowledge and advisory capabilities to the next level. We are productizing this knowledge and thereby accelerating its deployment and value realization for our customers. We have coupled SCOR-based KPIs with the experience of our 1500 supply chain consultants to operationalize role-based standards and metrics. Combined with our own and external benchmarking data, I am confident that our customers can derive high value quickly to start measuring themselves objectively as they accelerate towards becoming best in class supply chain companies.”

Bristlecone NEO enhances the capabilities of digitally connected supply chains with built-in mobile capabilities. The applications appended with NEO can be used on the newest mobile platforms available today. The platform will enable increased business value with data flowing within and from outside the enterprise through a spectrum of analytics utilities, allowing customers to go live with their data in a matter of days.

Ramesh Sivakaminathan, Vice President – Solutions & Innovation, Bristlecone added, “This is a significant launch for Bristlecone as it not only delivers two key analytics solutions as part of the suite to our customers, but also an industry standard platform that customers can leverage and add on additional solutions as we release them seamlessly. We have a very exciting roadmap for release with new functionality and already have received strong customer feedback for the next generation of functionality and modules. This is a game changing delivery model for deploying our expertise and experience for our customers.”

About Bristlecone:

Bristlecone is a leader in advising clients on how to maximize the strategic value of their supply chains and how to assist them in unleashing that value rapidly through the effective use of enabling technologies. Rated by Gartner among the top Supply Chain Management System Integrators, Bristlecone has enabled strategic, incremental value for over 300 customers across multiple industry verticals. With its singular focus on addressing procurement and supply chain challenges, it helps clients diagnose, design, enable and enhance their operations by encapsulating years of experience into pre-configured solutions, accelerated deployments and enhancement packs for the leading supply chain technologies.

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