Bristlecone Launches the World’s First Antifragility Index

SAN JOSE, Calif. – JAN. 9, 2018 – Bristlecone Inc., a premier supply chain business advisory consulting company headquartered in San Jose, California, has launched a new Antifragility Index. The Antifragility Index serves enterprises by measuring and predicting supply chain vulnerabilities and operational readiness in the face of disruption. During the Pulse conference held in Cambridge, Massachusetts on the MIT campus, Irfan A. Khan, President and CEO of Bristlecone, announced the benchmarking index to its global customers.

“The Bristlecone Antifragility Index is a comprehensive measure of how vulnerable a company’s supply chain is to outside threats. This is one of a series of recent Bristlecone innovations to transform businesses,” said Khan. “By leveraging the Antifragility Index, businesses can make key changes in advance and trust their supply chains will perform during periods of uncertainty. Instead of your system being exposed by disruptive events, the analysis and insights will prepare you for when system shocks actually come,” he added.

Leveraging its 19 years of experience in supply chain, the Bristlecone process consulting team worked with customers, partners and industry analysts over the last 9 months to research and create the Antifragility Index. Looking at 8 different operational dimensions of the business, 24 different metrics were identified assessing over 100 key performance indicators. The resulting analysis provides C-level executives with visibility to operational gaps and helps create a roadmap to an antifragile organization.

“Bristlecone’s Antifragility Index is a comprehensive and thorough method of assessing supply chain capability and resilience,” said Bill Pollard, Vice President of Supply Chain at Del Monte Foods, Inc. “This framework transcends the myriad functional KPI’s to give an enterprise – and extraprise – a view of capabilities, areas for improvement, and risk reduction.”

As opposed to various operational indices which cover specific functions in an enterprise organization, the Bristlecone Antifragility Index is more holistic and contextual. It leverages a matrix hierarchy, benchmarking database and analytical toolkit. It extends beyond traditional measurements, to evaluate not only supply chain efficiency and effectiveness, but also an organization’s operational resilience and differentiation, by considering areas like sustainability and risk.


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