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Bristlecone moves to MIT. Pulse 2017 Reaches its Historic Campus.

Bristlecone and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ILP Partner to Promote Technology Collaboration for Consumer Benefit

Announces Pulse, a ground-breaking Supply Chain Conference featuring Innovations enabling Anti-fragility

San Jose, CA, August 22, 2017 – Silicon Valley-based supply chain advisory firm Bristlecone (part of the $19B Mahindra Group), a premier supply chain management solutions and services firm helping clients increase visibility and reduce operational costs, today announced it has entered into an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”) to formalize membership in the institute’s revered Industrial Liaison Program (“ILP”)—a program devoted to promoting collaboration and technology transfer between industry and academia for customer benefit. Under the agreement the ILP will provide Bristlecone facilitated access to MIT and its resources, including technology conferences, training, and potential collaborative research in new technologies.


Irfan Khan, President and CEO, Bristlecone at MIT

Bristlecone concurrently announced that the third annual global conference “Pulse” will be held at the historic MIT campus in Boston from October 25-27, 2017. The event will draw global leaders from Fortune 500 companies, analyst community and academia. The theme of Pulse 2017 is “Your Roadmap to Antifragility,” with the revered conference providing a platform for ground-breaking discussions around the changing landscape of technology in business, including issues surrounding supply chain, procurement and analytics. The two-day event will also feature solutions that help make Supply-Chains anti-fragile.

“The era of disruption and digitization is not only upon us, but continuing to force evolutionary changes in the business landscape at a rapid pace,” said Bristlecone President and CEO Irfan Khan. “Those companies that are aptly positioned to adapt fast can survive, but forethought and proactive measures must be put in place to best assure that. Change and innovation are actually critical success factors that make supply chains anti-fragile, companies just need to be prepared to respond to marketplace dynamics in-kind.”

Khan continued, “To help drive and facilitate this kind of preparation, we are greatly excited to partner with MIT on our Pulse event platform, intended to help industry and academia come together to ideate real-world solutions for our customers. This event duly reinforces our commitment to Mahindra’s ‘FutuRise’ philosophy of accepting no limits and embracing alternative thinking to fundamentally change the paradigm for success.”

Attendees of Bristlecone Pulse will have a unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with high-level industry experts, analysts and academic thought leaders, including but not limited to Dr. Federico Casalegno, Director of MIT Mobile Experience Lab; David Simchi-Levi, Engineering Systems Professor; Michael Casey, Senior Advisor, Blockchain Research at MIT Media Lab; Dr. Abel Sanchez, Executive Director of the MIT Geospatial Data Center.

Khan will be among the revered speakers at the conference. Attendees will benefit from his specialized insights curated over his 20 years spearheading the profitable growth, competitiveness, and market leadership of emerging and mature businesses on a global scale. At Pulse 2017, attendees will learn from an industry pundit whose uniquely combined background in business leadership, strategic planning, field execution, people leadership, and customer-facing operations has resulted in Khan repeatedly transforming, growing and optimizing organizations—whether driving turnaround, building new lines of business, or creating foothold in new markets.

Poised for what’s sure to be a fruitful event, Ron Spangler, officer of the MIT Industry Liaison program, noted, “We’re pleased to welcome Bristlecone to MIT for their next edition of Pulse. There is no better place to convene this impressive mix of academic and industry thought-leaders, and the MIT Industrial Liaison Program exists to support activities just like this one.”

Those interested in attending Pulse and securing additional information can visit http://www.bcone.com/BristleconePulse for information on this year’s venue, speakers, agenda and more.

About Bristlecone

Bristlecone, a subsidiary of the $19B Mahindra group, is a premier supply chain advisory firm focused on enabling digitally connected and anti-fragile supply chains. It has been rated by leading industry analysts as one of the supply chain management firms consistently over the last decade, with a singular focus on successfully addressing customer’s Procurement, Supply Chain and Analytics challenges.

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, Bristlecone also has offices located across the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Australia and India. To learn more visit: www.bcone.com


Rebecca Nerad,
Global Marketing, Bristlecone

Source: http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/bristlecone-and-massachusetts-institute-of-technology-mit-ilp-partner-to-promote-technology-641358463.html

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