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Supply chains are extremely susceptible to disruption. The ability to predict the points of failure and respond with agility can be a game-changer. In our innovation hub, we’re building intelligent platforms to help clients achieve antifragility by responding to issues and capturing opportunities in real time.



Bristlecone Labs is defining the future of supply chains. We leverage an open, co-innovation methodology to help our clients solve strategic and operational business problems using emerging and advanced technologies.

Interested in exploring IoT technologies that converge your physical and digital supply chain networks? Would the transparency and accountability afforded by blockchain lead to an improved brand image? Can artificially intelligent chatbots built with natural language processing increase user adoption of your enterprise systems? Are there workflows that would benefit from robotic assistance? Would drones be a helpful addition to your inventory management or remote diagnostics processes, or for inspecting spaces that are unsafe for humans?

The possibilities are endless.

Let’s explore them together.


NEO is a cloud-based, subscription-based, pay-as-you-go supply chain analytics platform that leverages visually engaging dashboards to deliver real-time visibility into several key areas – including spending, financial health, and sales and operations. NEO is readily deliverable to mobile devices. It’s a value-add to any supply chain.

But there’s more to NEO. Our innovation center is powered by NEO because NEO provides a solid foundation for rapid prototyping. We leverage an open, co-innovation methodology to help our clients solve strategic and operational business problems using emerging technologies. With NEO, the possibilities are endless.


Transforms a passive supply chain into a living, breathing network that provides real-time inputs and drives instant action. The convergence of physical and digital supply chain networks optimizes business operations and planning, resulting in significant cost reductions and customer service improvements.


Distributed electronic ledger enabling multiple parties to access and share transactional data within a supply chain network. Achieve transparency, accountability and security within a decentralized structure. Increase brand confidence by showcasing the people, places and processes behind the products in a blockchain.


Conversational user interface with virtual assistants (chatbots) that help people communicate with enterprise systems through readily available, consumer-grade messaging applications. Chatbots use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to mimic human language and serve requests in a conversational manner.


Robotic Process Automation streamlines workflows and improves safety in a variety of business scenarios. Drones can be deployed for inventory management functions. Robots and UAVs can also be leveraged for situational awareness, remote diagnostics, site inspection, condition monitoring and repeatable tasks.


Some of our innovations are simply better or faster ways of doing something. That’s the case with Bristlecone accelerators. Many accelerators are tailored to specific industries and platforms, but they all serve the same general purpose: to lower engagement costs and drive faster time-to-value by jump-starting deployments.


Bristlecone’s comprehensive portfolio includes:

  • Industry-in-a-Box accelerators and templates for industry-specific business processes.
  • Library of Prebuilt Integrations for Oracle and SAP rollouts and platform coexistence.
  • Bristlecone Now Series of tools and templates that reduce deployment time by 10-20%.


Evidence of our success can be found in organizations of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world.


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