In Bristlecone Labs, our innovation engine, we’re tapping into AI, IoE, blockchain and other bleeding-edge technologies to build intelligent, transparent and self-evolving supply chains. Our game-changing apps give clients the ability to understand the real world in real time, so they can embrace opportunities, proactively manage risks and achieve true antifragility.

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Bristlecone NEO® is a multi-tenant, cloud-native, big data supply chain SaaS platform. It enables our supply chain apps with a future-ready tech stack that includes artificial intelligence, internet of everything, blockchain, intelligent automation and more.

  • Common Data Model for Supply Chain
  • AI-Based Data Management
  • On-Demand Scaling
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Enterprise Data Lake
  • API-Based Data Integration
  • Low Code Development
  • Mobile-Enabled

A powerful technology platform geared to be the center of supply chain operations, NEO gives Bristlecone clients the ability to deploy game-changing supply chain apps in a matter of weeks. NEO brings together the best technology and value-enhancing apps to energize supply chains and create a significant and sustained competitive advantage for our customers.

Bristlecone NEO is featured as a Supply Chain Modelling platform in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Supply Chain Cost-to-Serve Technologies 2018.”

Unlock the true value of your supply chain with NEO and Bristlecone Labs.


It’s now more critical than ever to understand the world in which supply chains function. Supply chain and procurement managers must be able to sense and adapt to real-world conditions – trade wars, market evolutions, regulatory factors, geopolitical landscapes, technological advances, weather events, etc. – before opportunities pass by and risks manifest in losses.

Sense.AI engages the real world by supply chain entities – customers, suppliers, products and competitors – and their intersection with time, geography and event. It tracks news and events that can affect your supply chain, qualifies and quantifies the impact of the event, and provides a course of action for successfully navigating through it, oftentimes even capitalizing on it.

Sense.AI is an important step on the path to true antifragility.


When to buy? How much to buy? Who to buy from? What is the best way to buy? What risks and opportunities impact sourcing and procurement? The answers to these questions have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line.

With Bristlecone’s Procure.AI suite of AI-enabled apps, CPOs, supply managers and buyers can answer these questions in the most profitable way. The suite is a combination of SenseProcure (understanding the real world) and SmartProcure (converting insights into actions).


Supply Event Monitoring: Taps into the right information, translates qualitative data into the quantifiable impact on your supply chain.

Price Monitoring: Tracks raw material prices in real time with customizable threshold alerts, so you can act on upcoming market opportunities that impact your bottom line.

Spend Anomalies Detection: Detects common spend anomalies, generates alerts and prescribes corrective action when contractual terms are violated.


Guided Buying: Helps buyers navigate the impact of real-world changes, supports proactive and profitable decision-making.

Contract Renegotiation Assistant: Analyzes and recommends contract SLAs with a focus on pricing clauses, triggers renegotiations and prescribes auto-amendment clauses.

Intelligent Sourcing: Intelligent supplier base normalization and win-win volume allocation based on expert cost models helps you build a smarter sourcing organization.


Distribution management forms the backbone of any supply chain.

With Bristlecone’s Distrib.AI suite of apps, chief supply chain officers, network designers, supply managers, fulfillment managers and quality assurance teams can leverage AI, IoT and blockchain to build a supply network that’s intelligent, responsive and self-evolving.

Inventory Visibility

Look beyond ERP data with mobile enablement and IoT that delivers an accurate, real-world picture of your inventory – with direct impact on safety stocks, freight costs and customer satisfaction.

Inventory Optimization

Leverage advanced analytics and AI to redefine inventory norms across your supply network, allowing you to reduce overall costs while maintaining customer service levels and increasing profitability.

CTS and OTIF Optimization

Create a supply network that is responsive to market conditions with a focus on CTS and OTIF optimization – so you can respond to real-world events with data-driven decisions on costs, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Track and Monitor

Gain visibility into asset location and condition throughout your supply network with IoT and blockchain technologies. Tap into powerful analytics on IoT stream data to help drive decisions on condition monitoring, quality management, and loss reduction resulting from spoilage and pilferage.


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