Struggling with decentralized purchasing processes, little to no contract visibility, high costs and a fragmented supplier base? Our digital procurement solutions streamline purchasing, improve vendor evaluation and reduce lead times. Optimizing the procurement lifecycle is a critical step on the road to antifragility.

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Are your budgets optimized? Is faster procurement feasible? Is supplier collaboration efficient? What happens when there’s a break in your procurement chain? Does it cripple you? Or do you capitalize on it?

Poor visibility into procurement operations is a roadblock on the path to antifragility.

Antifragile companies sense where change is happening. They anticipate the downturns. They understand the risks they face – from natural disasters and legislative changes to shifting consumer trends and material shortages. They know how to adapt to disruptions in their procurement process, even capitalize on them.

Organizations don’t become antifragile overnight. Antifragility isn’t an event or a project. It’s a path, a journey, a movement along a continuum, a conscious and continuous effort to increase operational effectiveness.

Our expertise lies in helping businesses reach the point of antifragility by progressing, one step at a time, along the antifragility spectrum. What we do is both systematic and artistic – perhaps the convergence of the two is what makes us unique. We not only bring an extensive technology portfolio into every client engagement, but also best practices for procurement and a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve antifragility.


Our end-to-end services are aimed at helping businesses achieve antifragility.


We’ll take a deep dive into your current situation and create a roadmap for change.

  • Antifragility: What is your current maturity level? What are your transformation goals?
  • Processes: Do they align with your vision? Are there bottlenecks or shortcomings?
  • Systems: Are processes supported by adequate technologies? Are they scalable?
  • Data: What is the quality of the data? Is it well-managed and easily accessible?
  • Analytics: Are reports available? Can relevant data be analyzed and shared quickly?
  • Adoption: How will change be received by users? Are there barriers to adoption?
  • Roadmap: We’ll create a framework aimed at optimizing the entire procurement lifecycle.


We achieve seamless supply chain deployments and migrations by expertly managing the many moving parts spanning platforms, projects, processes and people. We create homogenous IT ecosystems by integrating disparate systems and data sources across on-premise, mobile, cloud and hybrid environments.


We find hidden data assets across the entire IT landscape, aggregate data sources and provide a single source of truth for enterprise information that is timely, reliable, accessible and secure. We’ll help you visualize data and leverage real-time analytics to unlock key insights that would otherwise get lost in a deluge of data.


Migration of data from legacy systems can be risky, especially when it is harvested from multiple sources. We tap into our technical proficiency to execute migrations from a multitude of systems, while harmonizing data to improve quality. To expedite the process, we leverage our prebuilt extractors, mappings and workflows.


Our platform-agnostic solutions incorporate responsive designs, robust security, usage analytics, and support for native mobile apps and data sources. By arming users with instant access to enterprise applications on every device, you can streamline workflows, increase engagement, and fuel timely, informed decision-making.


Most change initiatives fall short of achieving the required adoption level because they fail to see the risks and challenges. We address the people side of change management. We manage expectations, raise awareness, develop and deliver consistent communications, entice participation, and increase user skill and confidence.


We provide system maintenance, support and end-of-life services. But we go beyond traditional managed services to deliver value-added services aimed at helping clients react quickly to changing market dynamics, gain productivity, achieve better business alignment, increase transparency and improve business outcomes.


Procurement is no longer a tactical function of the business. It’s a prudent decision-making process that’s full of complexity – and opportunity. The best procurement platforms help businesses successfully navigate both.


We can tailor an SAP Ariba solution to match your specific procurement requirements. Our goal is to unify your operational and strategic buying processes and optimize your procurement operations by:

  • Enriching data to drive smarter, faster buying decisions.
  • Categorizing purchases across the entire enterprise.
  • Providing visibility through spending reports and analytics.
  • Identifying savings opportunities in all spending categories.
  • Ensuring compliance with procurement policies.
  • Streamlining processes – from source to contract.
  • Reducing risks associated with process inefficiencies.
  • Finding suppliers and partners for go-to-market efforts.

Our accelerators jump-start deployments to lower engagement costs and drive faster time-to-value.


Bristlecone’s comprehensive portfolio includes:

  • Industry-in-a-Box accelerators and templates for industry-specific business processes.
  • Library of Prebuilt Integrations for Oracle and SAP rollouts and platform coexistence.
  • Bristlecone Now Series of tools and templates that reduce deployment time by 10-20%.


Evidence of our success can be found in organizations of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world.


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