Why New Antifragility Index?

Today, Bristlecone announced the launch of “Antifragility Index”. http://www.www.bcone.com/bristlecone-launches-worlds-first-antifragility-index/ I am getting many messages since this morning asking more info about it, so I thought a post would help understand – why new antifragility index? As we are all discussing innovations, disruptions, digital transformations for last few years, industry execs know change is coming their […]

Quality is Everyone’s concern in IoT Era – Silicon Summit Panel

Yesterday I was part of the Panel at the Silicon Summit 2017 organized by Global Semiconductor Alliance. Hundreds of Silicon Valley technocrats and executives came together to discuss next big technological shift coming up from IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Data growth and how will it impact the industry. “What are the challenges before semiconductor industry in […]

Future of Logistics and Supply Chain

Digital business is the new reality. New business models blurring the lines between digital and physical world by connecting people, other business entities and things to drive the revenue as well as efficiency. In the new era – every “thing” with any value, will have sensors embedding intelligence. It will continue to transmit the information […]

Cognitive transformation of the Supply Chain: Its Influence on the bottom line

The idea of cognitive computing is fairly new, yet it has gripped the world’s imagination. In every business conference, thought leaders are referring to analytic’s, process automation and the Internet of Things, or IoT. It is only natural for us to wonder how this transformation can be applied to specific business domains, especially one as […]

US-based Bristlecone Eyes Analytics and IoT startups in India

US-based Bristlecone Eyes…

Shrinking IT Budgets: How To Deliver More For Less

The last two days at Bristlecone Pulse 2016 have been eventful and we had the opportunity to listen to industry leaders. Jeremie Davis and Tim Weaver from Del Monte foods talked about optimizing technology investments in supply chain; Richard De Souza discussed the digital transformation journey at our parent company, Mahindra Group; Angela Olson shared […]

Internet of things – Car connectivity on a new high

Smarter devices are assuming a greater role in our daily lives, with product companies adding advanced engineering capabilities and shifting gears to innovate at a faster pace. ‘Internet of Things’, a disruptive transformation that followed the rapid consumerization of smartphones and telecommunication, saw the world moving from connected people to connected ‘things’. The Internet of […]