Bristlecone Pulse at MIT – Highlights Video 2019

Bristlecone Pulse at MIT 2019 featured insight from MIT professors Sergio Caballero, Thomas Malone, Jeanne Ross and George Westerman, and Massimo Russo of BCG. Digital transformation journeys and lessons learned were shared by Michael Murray of Ferrara Candy, Leon Trevett of Illumina, Bobby Napiltonia of Next Trucking, Larry Sladewski of Nvidia, John Brine of Sleep Number, and Joe Williams of UCT. Mark O’Leary of SPS Commerce and Rinus Strydom of Tradeshift spoke of technology innovation. The event also included the annual Bristlecone Customer Excellence Awards, book signings, a VIP evening at Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, Happy Hour at MIT with the “Boston Piano Kid” and magician Nick Ivory, and more.

Sustainable Supply Chains – Suzanne Greene, MIT

Suzanne Greene, who manages the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics' Sustainable Supply Chains Program, tackles the complex topic of measuring and reducing carbon footprints within supply chains. She also discusses the potential in the future of blockchain to better track logistics and gain a more accurate picture of climate impact.

Beyond "Demand Driven" – Pierre Mitchell, AZUL PARTNERS

Watch Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer and managing director of Azul Partners, discuss megatrends causing supply and demand digitization – and the impact of digital on supply chain management. Protecting supply outcomes requires agility and insight, and he says digital transformation holds the key to increased savings and improved performance.

Supply Chain Digitization – John Brine, SLEEP NUMBER

John Brine, director of network optimization and digitization, discusses Sleep Number's priorities for digitization: processes, technology, analytics. Learn how building a technology platform to increase transparency across the entire supply chain will ultimately lead to lower supply chain costs for Sleep Number and enhanced experiences for customers.

Third Digital Revolution: Fabrication – Neil Gershenfeld, MIT

Professor Neil Gershenfeld, director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, talks about the evolution of computers and digital manufacturing. He also discusses the impact digital fabrication labs are having on digital and distributed manufacturing and supply chains – an impact he says will redefine industry, politics and the economy as we know them today.

Antifragile Supply Chain Platform Innovation – BRISTLECONE LABS

Bristlecone Labs experts, led by Sweeni Ponoth, walk through the supply chain marketplace approach to network optimization and showcase Bristlecone innovation. In addition, Pekka Sivonen discusses the government of Finland's digitalization initiatives and Rakhi Makkad describes the roadmap for the upcoming Bristlecone Innovation Center in Helsinki.

Supply Chain Transformation - Gabe Peterson, VAREX

Varex's digital transformation journey was spearheaded by senior director Gabe Peterson, who developed a 'dx' roadmap focused on driving business outcomes – accelerating new product introductions, improving experiences, etc. – rather than technology. Hear about his roadmap and how Bristlecone's Antifragility Index helped provide the framework.

Antifragility. Risk Management - Van Bicknell, CORNING

What began with optimization of the procure-to-pay process evolved into a complete digital transformation of Corning's business processes – resulting in transparency, compliance and significant cost savings, including a 45% reduction in PO processing costs. Learn about Corning's journey to antifragility from manager of global supply data, Van Bicknell.

The Future of Supply Chain is…

We asked people what the future of supply chain looks like and heard some answers that we think are spot-on. Bristlecone can show you that the future of supply chain is here today.

Bristlecone PULSE at MIT - 2018 Highlights

It's not easy to summarize three days of the most educational and inspiring supply chain event on the planet in less than three minutes … but that doesn't mean we didn't try.