Fruit of the Loom: Integration Supports Business Growth

For American clothing company Fruit of the Loom, acquiring Russel Athletics (2006) and Vanity Fair (2007) drove exponential growth in their business. However, this resulted in over 460 separate and redundant systems, which was unsustainable moving forward. Plans to consolidate business in Oracle were stuck at cracking the electronic data interchange (EDI). Bristlecone’s integration between SPS Commerce and the Oracle E-business Suite provided a brilliant solution. In addition, standardizing SPS Commerce with Bristlecone’s E-business adapter helped drive e-commerce initiatives. With this support, Fruit of the Loom has been able to cater to its changing customer requirements.

“To be able to go on one place and have SPS Commerce help us through, makes it much less painful, timely; and it really frees up a lot of resources on our side,” said Chris Krebs, Senior Vice President, Fruit of the Loom.