Fruit of the Loom: From 460+ Disjointed Systems to a Seamless Experience

How Bristlecone integrated SPS Commerce and Oracle E-Business Suite for ‘Fruit of the Loom’

American apparel manufacturer Fruit of the Loom was growing in popularity and business margins. With two major acquisitions, Russel Athletics in 2006 and Vanity Fair brands in 2007, they felt all the more elated. However, there was something they needed to tackle badly.

The merger of three entities had left them with more than 460 independent systems. Many of them were redundant and unsustainable. Fruit of the Loom planned to launch the transformation project and consolidate their business on Oracle. However, it turned out to be a tough nut to crack.

Plans to consolidate business on Oracle got stuck at cracking the electronic data interchange (EDI). Developing internal expertise for all the integrations was an uphill task. Finally, Bristlecone’s integration between SPS Commerce and Oracle E-Business Suite provided a solution.

Beyond that, standardizing SPS commerce with Bristlecone’s E-Business Adapter helped drive e-commerce initiatives. With the support, Fruit of the Loom has been able to cater to changing customer requirements. In addition, they freed up a lot of resources. Bristlecone’s expertise in technology and E-business adaptation proved significantly useful.

“Bristlecone has been a key partner for us. We really appreciate their focus and effort to make sure our goal was a success,” says Chris Krebs, SVP, Fruit of the Loom.