Getting The Most Out of Your ERP Investments through Bristlecone ValueMS™ Part-1

In today’s world, enterprises need to be nimble and react to market changes to stay relevant and competitive. A high-performance IT infrastructure is essential and needs to operate at the speed of business. Twenty-first century IT organizations are moving towards Business Outcome from an SLA-based setup, and in doing so, becoming Business Partners rather than just enablers. That’s quite a shift from earlier times.

In response—the Target Operating model and the Pricing model are also evolving. There were times when Time & Material or Fixed Price model were used as a pricing model. However, now it is mostly elements-based costing—for example, cost per ticket or cost per user/seat, cost per simple enhancement, or outcome-based pricing. Those pricing models offer businesses the flexibility to pay as they use and introduce a context of variability. Similarly, the target operating model has moved away from Staff Augmentation to Co-Sourcing, and finally to Managed Services.

With over 20 years of experience in managing complex IT applications and infrastructure environments, Bristlecone is well positioned to offer a full set of Application Support and Maintenance solutions. It can help organizations move from traditional support and pricing models to the more New-age, Agile, and Outcome-based models. Businesses can proactively start taking advantage of changes in their environments.

Bristlecone’s ValueMS™ Framework

ValueMS – Bristlecone’s end-to-end, outcome-based managed services framework replaces the traditional ticket-focused models with focus on optimizing business value.

ValueMS transforms IT into a strategic profit center. This framework helps IT leaders manage and govern their application landscape by reducing Tickets, creating CTI-based targeted Knowledge bases, ensuring true left-shift, taking up Problem Management proactively, implementing effective Automation, and aligning the operating model to offer agility and flexibility for changing business needs.

This framework lays foundation in the transition phase and then builds on, further optimizing during the Manage phase, only to take the Customer’s Application Management to the next maturity level in ValueMS’s Transform stage.


Bristlecone’s ValueMS™ is creating a paradigm shift in application support. ValueMS delivers value beyond traditional application management, giving organizations more time and funds to transform business with greater agility and efficiency. With committed operational gains, our solution helps focus on what you do best by providing seamless visibility and monitoring into business operations. In short, ValueMS focuses on IT so that enterprises can focus on their businesses.