Hari the mBot – Robotics in Supply Chain

What do you do when you cannot step out of office to visit a warehouse or factory for inspection? What do you do when the area of inspection is hazardous? What do you do if your presence was needed at two places but at the same time?

An invention coming straight out of the Bristlecone Labs, Hari the mBot, helps address these issues and a lot more! Hari is indigenously built using refurbished robots and comes equipped with features, such as remote navigation, auto-dock & charging, and obstacle detection. Hari can be instructed using web and mobile applications, and thanks to its integration with Alexa & Google, Hari now also understands voice commands!

Today, professionals find it really difficult to improve visibility and efficiency across their Supply Chain. And this is where Hari plays a pivotal role. With the help of Hari, it is now possible to remotely tour or monitor factories, floors, warehouses, and field offices. Attending events and meetings at site from a place of convenience is also made possible with Hari.

Apart from its role in Telepresence, Hari stands out in Teleoperations too. Site inspection, thermal imaging, remote monitoring, condition monitoring, compliance monitoring, and hazardous area inspections are some of the other critical operations where Hari plays a crucial function. Further, Hari would help in real-time data ingestion to Bristlecone’s cloud data platform (NEO?) for various IoE-Analytics use cases across the Supply Chain.

As per the latest developments, Hari is undergoing a physical transformation with a 3D printed body. Hari 2.0 dones a conical form printed using MAKERBOT Z18 and the creators at Bristlecone Labs are entrusted with the responsibility of giving Hari a body.

“Team Bristlecone was involved right from the ideation till commissioning and collecting feedback from the end customers. Key differentiator of the team was their ability to quickly adapt to the situation and customer needs,” said Ravindra Dhawan (Sr. GM Corporate IT-Mahindra & Mahindra)

Bristlecone Labs works extensively towards developing solutions that enable seamless flow of data and goods across global Supply Chains. They partner with retail brands, process industries, discrete manufacturers, and logistics service providers to bring quality into Supply Chain through predictive analytics and actionable insights. At their state-of-the-art research center in Silicon Valley, California, USA, Bristlecone Labs builds exception-based platforms that offer on-demand visibility and modular scalability to better manage orders, inventory, and shipments in distributed environments.