Impact of Demantra and Oracle Value Chain Planning on supply chain

Information is power in this digital world, and the supply chain scenario is no exception. An industry that relies on data gathering to provide crucial business intelligence to its clients, supply chain management has constantly pioneered in the utilization of latest data capture and analysis technologies. Demantra is a great example of how the SCM world has adapted new age technologies and how it is being leverage to deliver better information to its clients.

Analyze, Predict and Adjust to the needs of your consumers

A successful business is one that can stay ahead to cater to the futuristic needs of its customers and is able to offer services when the customer needs them. With quality business intelligence, this is not only possible, but it becomes relatively easy as well. With dozens of data points feeding you real-time information about everything from the supply status of the state of inventory, to logistics and consumption, it becomes a simple matter to keep track of where your demands stem from and how to best optimize your production cycle for better yields. Demantra makes this possible, and has allowed countless businesses to transform their existing supply chains into high performance value chains.

Demantra makes S&OP easier for your business

Oracle has built a great tool, and the data gathering and harmonizing capabilities of the technology are truly commendable. When it comes to getting ahead of your competitors, the key to success lies in offering increased customer service levels while maintaining your profitability, and working to create a predictable operating performance for shareholders. With actionable data that a quality BI tool can present you with, all of this becomes possible, that too with the involvement of minimal resources.

Features of Demantra Demand Management:

  • Forecast ability using a mixed model approach that ensures a high degree of accuracy, and can be used in real-time scenarios
  • Data modeling and high volume data processing capabilities provide visibility into the various departments
  • Powered by a highly customizable and efficient dashboard
  • Rapid response makes it possible to pick up anomalies faster, and react to them in time

The popularity of Demantra stems from the fact that the technology allows businesses to sense demand real-time, and lets them shape demand with greater accuracy and for enhanced profitability. If you too want to benefit from the many features of Demantra, Bristlecone offers expert consulting, implementation and integration services that will let you do so in a convenient and efficient manner.