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Supply Chain for High-Tech & Semiconductor Industry

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High-tech & Semiconductor

The High-tech & Semiconductor industry, with revenue exceeding USD 800 billion and gross employment share of 12% in 2014, is a key driver of the global economy. High-tech & semiconductor enterprises have complex product flows that move products and services across a global Supply Chain. The industry has seen feverish M&A activities driven by strategic and technological goals.

Some key industry characteristics include cycles of boom and bust, a highly volatile market which rewards companies that are agile and responsive to changes, complex supply chains that necessitate internal and external collaboration to gain efficiencies, constant demand for better, faster, and cheaper products. This apart from short product lifecycles that need to be managed efficiently, increase in complexity of products and omni-channel commerce.

Bristlecone has rich experience and deep industry knowledge to address the business challenges of high-tech and semiconductor enterprises, such as strong and responsive Supply Chains, strategic relationships and intensified collaboration, flexible manufacturing and fulfillment, visibility into global inventory, fine-tuning fulfillment strategies, IoT, and increased focus on fulfillment strategies.

Bristlecone has developed comprehensive, package-based solutions to quickly automate your business processes. Some of its time-to-value solutions include:

  • Pre-configured Semiconductor and High-tech solution help manage supply chain and manufacturing processes to achieve business agility, Supply Chain visibility, partner collaboration, operational efficiency, and audit compliance. It consists of more than 150 pre-configured scenarios with pre-built blueprints and interfaces for collaboration, processes, and organizations, ensuring quick returns on Supply Chain investments.
  • APONOW with industry-relevant solutions, such as consensus planning, wafer and die forecasts, assemble-to-order, comprehensive safety stock modeling, multi-tier demand prioritization logic across supply planning and order promising, simplified VMI processes, speed binning/down binning, and blind build
  • BINOW with pre-built industry reports, such as billings, bookings, and backlogs
  • Advanced Business Planning with industry-specific processes built on Kinaxis and SAP IBP

Bristlecone implemented SAP APO to RIM

Case Study: Bristlecone implemented SAP APO to improve Demand Planning for a telecommunications company employing around 17,000 people.

Bristlecone implemented SPM 2.0 to Tellabs

Case Study: Bristlecone implemented SPM 2.0 to improve spend forecast and visibility for a company relying on contract manufacturers.


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