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Advanced Business Planning

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Advanced Business Planning

Your supply chain can match supply with demand when the planning process integrates short-, mid- and long-term requirements. However, accurate supply chain planning demands real-time visibility, predictive forecasting and collaborative decision-making.

Bristlecone implements demand-driven supply chain planning solutions across industries. Our Advanced Business Planning service boosts supply chain performance by sensing demand and integrating real-time data across the network. We develop holistic business plans using standardized planning models, visualization techniques and scenario simulation tools.

Our team of supply chain consultants assesses various parameters, including bill of materials, raw material characteristics, capacity issues, supply constraints, inventory carrying cost, and profitability, to optimize product mix and achieve demand-supply equilibrium. Our approach enhances Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP), and Master Production Schedule (MPS) processes.

We evaluate off-the-shelf planning products before redesigning business planning processes. We establish a Solution Demonstration Laboratory (SDL) to showcase the business planning product, our solution road map, and supply chain performance. Bristlecone offers post-deployment support and data management services for day-to-day business planning and response management

Bristlecone creates business plans using advanced platforms:

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