Blockchain Revolution


The blockchain is a distributed electronic ledger that is modelled on peer-to-peer networking and cryptography.

It enables multiple parties to share and access transactional information within a supply chain network. This ensures that the data cannot be altered without the consent of all entities involved.

The goal is to achieve transparency, accountability, and reliability to have a competent supply chain network.
Moreover, the decentralized structure makes it impossible for one entity to hold ownership of the distributed ledger and manipulate the data to their own advantage.

How does Blockchain work in a supply chain?


What does Bristlecone offer?


Supplier Registry

We help our clients have a clear picture of their supply chain by setting up a private or public blockchain.
We offer rapid prototyping in our own blockchain infra and help our clients in integration of the blockchain with their existing enterprise applications.


Smart Contract

We provide our clients with more power and security in your supply chain with digitized Smart contracts across the top blockchain providers like Ethereum and Hyperledger.
These smart contracts can be used to substitute legal contracts.



We bring more transparency and traceability to our clients supply chain ecosystem.
We increase the trust in their brand by opening their supply chain and showcasing the people, places, and processes behind the products in a blockchain.

Bristlecone’s blockchain works with full spectrum of supply chain operations.

For Manufacturers

Blockchain will allow the suppliers to raise an incident about faulty supplies and the assembler would be able to trace the same batch till the end customer to recall it
keeping the manufacturer infomed in the entire process.


For Suppliers

Blockchain transforms and digitizes the supplier onboarding, contract and management process by providing an integrated platform which can be accessed by enterprises, creatifying authorities and customers in realtime.


For Retailers

The Blockchain will allow retailers to trace the location of the supplies real time while it gets transported from the manufacturers location to the supplier locations and beyond in a secure and transparent manner.


For Customer

Blockchain will allow the customer to check the authenticity and quality of the products as all the information about the manufacturer, the product and the ingredients is available on the blockchain.