Challenges in the Current Market

With the proliferation of technology in our day to day life, e-commerce, mobile shopping and a new generation of customers with few brand loyalties, the boundaries on business operations are being pushed. Today’s supply chains have to perform under uncertain geo-political circumstances, erratic macro-economic cycles of growth, contraction and recovery wherein products are tailored to the customer needs, to be delivered as a perfect order with ever shortening service levels. The uncertainty has reduced the predictability of order flow resulting in multiple micro deliveries at higher costs. A flexible, responsive supply chain that optimizes demand-supply cycle has become a challenge.


Business Process as a Service

To remain ahead of the curve, organizations’ in-house supply chain professionals partner with experts from the third-party service providers to maintain a lean and agile extended supply chain.

The Bristlecone Labs Supply Chain Management-as-a-Service platform realizes sustainable enterprise growth via turnkey services – software, application integration, and supply chain solutions. We redesign supply chain processes – from sales and operations planning to warehouse and retail space optimization. Our platforms combine management techniques and technologies to enhance supply chain performance through better asset utilization, automated replenishment, minimal transshipment, and cross-border regulatory compliance.

According to Gartner, there is a new normal in the industry where executives expect to improve performance by outsourced supply chain services to enhance the organization effectiveness.

Why Us

Drive KPIs through leading experts and Process from the Industry
implemented by cutting-edge technology platform



Subject Matter Experts, Industry Experience, Data Scientists and Technology Experts



Industry leading processes, leverage experience of implementing supply chain and analytics services for global clients.



Self guided, On-the-go forecasting models and reports, State of the art Infrastructure and Visualization

We know what it takes to achieve that

We provide RoI based approach to optimize either a part or end to end supply chain network of the enterprises. Our global team consists of business leaders, experienced supply chain experts, statisticians, and technology experts who, armed with industry leading Bristlecone solutions, are here to support you in undertaking challenges of the ever-changing dynamic markets.

What do we bring to the table?


Accelerated Growth

Reliable and accurate demand forecasts, fast-track new product launches and enhanced supply chain visibility


Reduced Cost

Optimized inventory managed EOL to improve bottom lines simplified supply chains CAPEX to OPEX delivery model


High Service Level

Reduced stock outs, reduced compliance costs and improved service time

Our Services

Bristlecone offers following services to enhance supply chain visibility aimed at reducing costs and improving
operational performance of the increasingly complex, multi-tiered global supply chain networks.

Demand Planning as a Service

Inventory Planning as a Service

Procurement Planning as a Service


Demand Planning as a Service (DPaaS)

Consistent and accurate forecast is the single greatest challenge global companies are facing across product lines, geographies and market segments.

We provide consistent and accurate statistical forecasts using cutting-edge algorithms, statistical analyses coupled with deep industry knowledge. We track and perform advanced promotional analytics to understand the effect of a different promotional levers on business sales. The root cause analysis, managed by exception methodology and our ‘what-if scenario’ dashboard aims for better and informed decision making.

Our State of the art visualization tool NEO provides rich self-guided, on-the-go, performance metrics and KPI Reporting frameworks.

Inventory Planning as a Service (IPaaS)

In today’s cut-throat market, consumer preferences are rapidly changing and there is a huge push to reduce cash that is locked-in as inventory.

We provide an unbiased, analytical approach to optimize inventory and reduce total spend. We identify inventory stocking points (SKU-locations) that are performing at sub-optimal levels and provide baseline inventory, Re-Order Point (ROP), Re-order Quantity (ROQ) and Safety Stocks (SS) targets at every level in the supply chain. Our ‘what-if scenario’ planning framework simulates the results of the given condition. The turnkey packaged services with KPI framework transforms the capital expenditure to operational expenditure.


Procurement as a Service (PaaS)

We provide sourcing and procurement recommendations through packaged services offerings in the form of best-in-class applications, process KPI framework, and transparent sourcing processes delivered by our service support team comprising of subject matter experts and technology experts. Our offering includes strategic sourcing services to reduce spend, contract management for compliance and administration, procure to pay and supplier management.

Use iterative agile approach to generate actionable insights with evolving
information maturity and availability