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Data Discovery & Visual Analytics

Make intelligence meet the eye

Data Discovery and Visual Analytics

With exponential growth of enterprise data, it is no longer sufficient to just record and report information. In today’s competitive environment, if data is capitalized on correctly, it can turn into strategic advantage.

Data Discovery & Visual Analytics goes beyond standard tabular and static charts, and helps decision makers to discover hidden problems and new solutions. Bristlecone has extensive experience in ensuring that key insights don’t get lost in the deluge. You can fetch value from hidden data assets across the organization, aggregate disparate data sources and reporting systems, and gain complete visibility.

Bristlecone is a one-stop shop for data discovery & visual analytics—with a whole spectrum of services—ranging from advisory, implementation and roll out, upgrades and migration to administration and maintenance.


The Problems You Don’t Know

Data Discovery enables free exploration of your business data. By bringing together data from various sources, analysts can discover new patterns and figure out what’s missing. Be empowered to discover and understand the problems you never knew existed.

Higher adoption and business value

Visual Analytics create reports and dashboards that are visually comfortable and encourage engagement through analysis. With visual analytics, all the important information is available at a single glance, with the power to slice and dice it as needed. By using elements like story boards and intuitive flows, usability is greatly enhanced, leading to more adoption.

Self-service BI

Self-service BI capabilities enable users to create and perform their own custom analyses. No longer will there be dependency on IT to create new reports or long lead times to get access to new analyses. Users will get access to their secured data, on which they can freely perform new analyses and rejig existing reports for a fresh analysis.

Failure of traditional BI


Data Discovery and Visual Analytics for Ansell

Case Study:   Bristlecone offered Data Discovery and Visualization enabled Self-Service BI implementation using QlikView

Data Discovery and Visual Analytics for PMC

Case Study:   Consolidation of multiple BI solutions into a single global EDW based on SAP BW, HANA, and QlikView.


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