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Data Management

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Data Management

Data is becoming the most important enterprise asset. However, data capture and access are not sufficient—reliability and veracity of data matter more. The quality of your enterprise’s master and transaction data has a direct impact on your daily operations and the reliability of your analytics.

Bristlecone’s Data Management covers Master Data Management (MDM), Master Data Governance (MDG), Data Quality, Data Integration, and Data Migration. We ensure the best suited solutions and technologies for your requirements and you get access to expertise in SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM), SAP Master Data Governance, SAP Data Services SAP Information Steward, SAP HANA Smart Data Quality Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Informatica, and IBM InfoSphere DataStage.

Master data governance & management

Master Data is the core reference data that describes fundamental dimensions of your business and supports all transactions and analytics/reporting. Hence, it is a critical element.

Poor master-data quality results in significant business challenges:

  • Increased spend due to erroneous or duplicate data
  • Excess inventory due to duplicate materials data
  • Longer lead time for approvals
  • Lack of compliance and flexibility

By leveraging master data management & governance (MDM & MDG) solutions, organizations can:

  • Enforce integrity of data at the point of entry and eliminate the need for downstream data correction
  • Make trusted and smart business decisions based on accurate and reliable data
  • Enforce enterprise-wide data standards—leading to increased compliance
  • Optimize costs due to better visibility

Bristlecone’s MDM & MDG cover the complete lifecycle of your journey—consulting, diagnostics, end-to-end implementation, and maintenance. Each stage of the lifecycle is supported by a number of accelerators, templates, and prebuilt business content to enable lower implementation time and faster time to value.

Data Integration & Migration

Data Integration and Migration is the process of moving data from one or more sources to a target application. However, movement in a complex enterprise poses enormous risk. With Bristlecone’s proven methodology and data templates, you can eliminate that fear.

Bristlecone divides the scope of data integration and migration into 4 tiers—Organization Structure Master Data (Static), Master Data (Stable), Transaction Data, and Reporting. Each tier and stage in the data-movement process is supported by 110+ templates and custom business content to reduce time to value and ensure data reconciliation and completeness.

Bristlecone helped HZL to data Management

Case Study:  Bristlecone helped HZL with well governed master data creation, management and governance processes for Vendor, Material, Customer, Excise and Equipment.

Bristlecone helped Etisalat to data Management

Case Study:  Bristlecone experts studied the integration challenges and came up with strategy to implement solution in optimum time.


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