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Data Management Services

Reliable and Accurate Data, anytime, anywhere

Data Management Services

Data has become the most vital asset of any enterprise. The quality of enterprise data has a direct impact on daily operations and the reliability of analytics. Enterprise Data needs to be timely, reliable, accurate and secure as it drives your business, and ultimately, the future of your business. High quality data is the cornerstone of many critical business processes such as planning, risk management, compliance, operations and almost all business functions.Data Management is necessary to ensure that you get secure access to relevant data at the right time, often in real time.

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Bristlecone Data Management Services covers the entire gamut of data management across all domains.


Overcome your Data Management Challenges with Bristlecone Data Management Services

  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Master Data Governance (MDG)
  • Data Quality and Data Integration
  • Data Migration

Why Master Data Management & Governance? (MDM/MDG)

Master Data is the core reference data that describes fundamental dimensions of your business and supports all transactions and analytics/reporting.


With you all the way: Consulting to Maintenance

Bristlecone MDM & MDG services encompass the complete lifecycle of your data journey—consulting, diagnostics, end-to-end implementation, and maintenance. Each stage of the lifecycle is supported by a number of accelerators templates, and pre-built business content, to enable lower implementation time and reduce time to value.


How do Data Integration & Migration services help?

Consolidating data or moving it from one system to another is often a necessary process. However, movement of enterprise data can often fraught with problems.

Cross the data bridge with Bristlecone

Bristlecone’s proven methodology and data templates break down a complex process into simple steps that ensure you get validated, reconciled and complete data

Tiered Integration and Migration


Each tier and stage in the data-movement process is supported by 110+ templates and custom business content to reduce time to value and ensure data reconciliation and completeness.

I.Ps and Solution Accelerators

  • Manage DataNow™: To expedite APO data cleansing
  • SAP MDG starter pack: To rapidly realize vendor and customer data governance
  • Cloud based service :For vendor/customer data enrichment
  • Ready to use reconciliation reports to check data sanity


Bristlecone experts work with with a variety of data technologies.

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM), SAP Master Data Governance, SAP Data Services SAP Information Steward, SAP HANA Smart Data Quality Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Informatica, and IBM InfoSphere DataStage

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