Our vision is to“power digitally connected & automated supply networks leveraging the Internet of Everything.

Is your supply chain linear or transforming towards a complex supply network?

Come co-Innovate IoE use cases around your supply networks with our Labs with our best-of-breed technology to outperform your competitors and to become an industry leader.

Why Us


We enable Rapid Prototyping of IoE use cases

From Supply chain experts to Big data, Mobility, Advance analytics & Internet of Everything, we have a dynamic ecosystem and consultants with ability to deliver customized, best-of-breed IoE solutions for your business.


We help to future proof your IoE investments

In the dynamic space of Internet of Everything we have a collaboration with technology leaders across the globe with our ecosystem constantly evolving making sure we future proof your investments.


We are focused on Supply Network innovation

Our Digitally Connected Supply Network solution captures a 360-degree view of your business and helps you improve your top and bottom lines with actionable data.

Our Solution Approach


“Our approach is very simple. After we define the business case, we start by value-engineering a monitoring solution, which slowly evolves into a completely Automated Digital Supply Network solution focused on business value.”

How we transform your Supply Chain to IoE-enabled Supply Network?


Digital Supply Network

“We have entered Industry 4.0 with rapid technology adoption at various levels. With changing demands and growing competition, your supply chains are no longer linear. They are getting more complex and interconnected every single day. Bristlecone Labs helps you to get ready for Industry 4.0 (IoE) solutions.”


Network Planning

Key Planning & Supplier related activities need reliable digital inputs to catch up with real-world complexity and your Supply chain, Solutions need to be integrated with visual intelligence Enterprise reporting process flows. Technology enablers in this exercise included drones, GIS and 3D topographic image analytics, pull based supply chain build on edge devices and mobile applications.


Digital Manufacturing

Day-to-day monitoring of upstream mining, cement quarrying are real-world issues in the manufacturing world. This includes poor visibility of man, machine, movement in large operations. In a factory scenario, people dependency to monitor environment, health and safety (EH&S) risks also exists. The ability to respond in real time is critical. Digital manufacturing helped with systemically reducing EH&S risks through real time and improving the ability to respond to situations. There has also been a 10% improvement in energy efficiency, which can also translate into significant savings. Technology came to the rescue by providing a wide range of sensors, mobile applications and workflows, machine-level integration for autonomous action and real-time condition monitoring.


Asset Excellence

When it comes to asset maintenance, it is all about questioning the presence of assets: will they be owned or leased? Maintenance of assets also includes TCO costs going up or their unpredictability. Productivity of maintenance staff also helps with better asset management. With RFID/BLE solutions, mobility solutions and remote monitoring to the rescue, visibility or time in asset reconciliation of physical location of assets is reduced. Maintenance TCO costs through managed services contracts are also brought down and MRO inventory levels are minimized.

Digital sales, digital sourcing and digital logistics are similar examples where technology has made a significant difference with BOTS, analytics, gamification, advance analytics, etc.

How We leverage IoE for Digital transformation


Green Supply Chain

Bristlecone Labs designs green supply chains to ensure high productivity and reduce total cost of operations at enterprises. We capitalize on Internet of Everything (IoE) to enhance energy efficiency and monitor air quality and help you to run your business processes keeping in mind sustainability and responsibility towards our ecosystem.

Asset Visibility

Bristlecone Labs capitalizes on Internet of Everything (IoE) to develop holistic asset visibility solutions for your supply network. Our cloud-hosted BLE & RF solutions trace and track assets as well as inventory across and beyond the enterprise. The ability to locate assets and monitor the movement of goods helps enterprises avoid bottlenecks in manufacturing and distribution. Increasing throughput, optimize inventory and ensure regulatory compliance.


Proximity Solutions

Bristlecone Labs develops Internet of Everything (IoE) proximity solutions across industries like hospitality, healthcare and retail. Our solutions provide contextual messages to the user leveraging proximity & BLE Solutions. We integrate cloud-based proximity solutions with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Business Value Delivered


Telecom & Communications




CPG & Retail


Discrete Manufacturing


Hi-Tech & Semiconductors


Life Sciences


Green Supply Chain – Energy Effciency

Monitor and optimize energy consumption, reduce energy spend