Bristlecone’s NEO™ Platform is a cloud based, on-demand analytics solution, that turns supply chain data into actionable insights.

NEO™ platform delivers best-in-class pre-built supply chain analytics content that can be provisioned on your organization’s data in less than 4 weeks.

The NEO™ Analytics Platform serves as single interface for your all your supply chain analytics needs from planning, procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, sales & distribution all the way to your customer.

It enables empowered decision making by providing the full spectrum of analytics starting from descriptive, diagnostics to predictive, prescriptive and cognitive across your supply chain.

With NEO™ you can unleash the full potential
of your digitally connected Supply Chain


Heterogeneous Source Systems

NEO™ Analytics Platform has the ability to connect to multiple data sources within and outside the enterprise.


Robust Data Model

Data points are brought together using our transformation framework onto a robust and agile data model ready for analysis and self-service BI.


Clean exciting UI

Pre-built analytics content is enabled on this data – rendered on visually stunning dashboards delivered across web, desktop and mobile.

NEO™ Spend Analytics


NEO™ Spend Analytics Solution provides pre-built spend management dashboards which enable end-to-end visibility of the organization spend. The application KPI framework is primed to go beyond just reporting and enable real decision making.

With the Spend Analytics App on NEO™ platform you can track your company’s spend as it happens and look at it holistically to understand the saving and optimization opportunities that lead to tangible benefits and business value.


Know Your Spend

See what are you spending and with whom. Identify and regulate maverick, off-contract and non-PO spend.


Determine Opportunities and Risks

Track performance on operational and strategic level; drive synergy across your business entities and proactively manage risks.


Optimize Your Spend

enable long term saving potential by taking optimization actions involving payment term compliance; leveraging supplier and price and performance prescriptions; purchase and invoice price variance analysis.