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Oracle Transportation Management

Oracle Transportation Management

Bristlecone is focused on bringing in operational excellence in transportation management through different solution themes and business drivers involved. These solutions help optimize cost of application, improve efficiency, expedite deliveries in full , improve productivity of employees and provide business intelligence recommendations to end user to customize the solutions as per their requirement.


12+ years of Evolution into a Broad and Deep Platform

Industry Challenges

  • Traditional transport management systems are unable to keep pace with pressures of changing compliance requirements, increasing demand and need to optimize operations
  • Integration across different LOB’s (Line of Business) Different applications for the common functions across Line Of Businesses
  • Redundant process across Line Of Businesses and manual tasks causing erroneous data
  • End-to-End visibility and monitoring or tracking of business processes
  • Multiple systems for related tasks – No single platform for all functionalities

Orale Transportation Management – Cloud Solution

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud – cloud based logistic solution for 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) and shippers will allow them to effectively manage and meet their transportation needs with lower initial investment and faster deployment.Oracle cloud based solution combines ready-to-use scalable hardware with pre-configured industry solutions. The solution is available on a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) model with plug-and-play Platform as a Service(PaaS) apps to unify disjointed business processes.

Bristlecone delivers the solution with end-to-end service offerings in a subscription based model that provides implementation and extended application support, thereby optimizing total cost of ownership of the application with quicker return on investment (ROI).


Oracle Transportation Management – On-premise Solution

Oracle Transportation Management provides support for the following transportation business functions:

  • Transportation Order Management: Integration with external order management, purchasing, warehouse and other systems for purposes of managing transportation demand
  • Rate Management: A global repository and rating engine for service provider contracts for transportation and related services
  • Operational Planning: Powerful algorithms and optimization engines for managing shipments based on cost, service level and asset utilization, Scenario Analysis for multi-stop consolidation, pooling, cross-docking, and three-dimensional load configuration
  • Booking and Tendering: Collaboration and communication with service providers over different formats – email, web, mobile phone, and XML, Automated support for multiple types of tender processes
  • Freight Payment, Billing and Claims: Automation of freight payment, customer billing and claims processes to eliminate errors, reduce charges and non-value-added activity time
  • Fleet Management: Single platform for increased asset utilization, lower transportation costs, and reduced environmental impact. Supported business functions include: driver and equipment assignment, dispatch, asset tracking and event management, and financial settlement of stakeholders
  • Transportation Sourcing: Algorithms for sourcing rules, minimizing costs, streamlining sourcing process, Build bid packages and seamless loading into system, reduction in overhead costs
  • Business Intelligence: Real-time transportation dashboard for operational and strategic planning, Intelligent recommendations for improving efficiency of transportation system
  • Event Management and Visibility: Manage the lifecycle of orders and shipments through automated milestone monitoring, Receive status updates for shipments.

Case Study: Ensure that global design is implemented across the region to maximize single global processes


Case Study: GE Power and Water consist of multiple business: Wind, Parts, Aero and Gas Power systems.


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