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Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

The necessity for an organization to see the results from Change resonates strongly across industries and geographies, irrespective of the organization’s size, especially when its employees are involved in the process. Without a structured Change approach, companies risk project downtime and operational effectiveness when implementing a business strategy or a new business tool. Bristlecone’s Change Management professionals, here, play a pivotal role by identifying and driving organizational transformations.

In today’s dynamic world, business leaders have come to understand that the correctness of people is a vital component when implementing change. This helps them to achieve smooth transitions and causes minimal disruption to their business. PROSCI, an independent research company in the field of Change Management, gathered data from last eight years to discover that initiatives with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management.

With our distinctive set of services and skilled change professionals, we focus on the change strategy and ensure that employees are willing and able to make changes. Bristlecone can help your organization to not only change but to also reap its benefits.

Organizations constantly strive to achieve higher return on investment through their change initiative. Most organizations fail to achieve the required adoption level from users because they fail to address challenges like lack of awareness and skill; acclimatization to fixed routines; wide geographies resulting in alienation of separate units/office locations; ability to accept change; inconsistent communication; multiple change projects; and lastly retaining focus and momentum among people.

Bristlecone Service offering includes:

  • Organization Readiness Assessment: Assess the readiness for Change. Evaluate, develop, and recommend guidelines for designing the change program.
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement: Identify Key stakeholders. Understand stakeholder preferences. Establish a Change Agents’ network. Prioritize influencers and develop mitigation plan.
  • Communication Strategy, Planning and Execution: Plan and time to maintain an appropriate communication context. Ensure communication network is bidirectional and targeted to the right audience to buy-in change.
  • Change Management Analysis and Assessment: Identify key stakeholders. Understand and assess key changes for people in the organization, including process, and technology issues.
  • Organization Development: Assess the impact of change on the organization’s structure. Determine which roles and responsibilities will be changed or reduced.
  • Training Need Analysis: Develop a detailed and comprehensive training plan along with related material to support the change.

Bristlecone Transformation Framework

Change Management, as we define it, addresses the “people” side of change management i.e. managing expectations, getting people to participate, and helping them in making changes to their habits. Our transformation framework works in harmony with project and risk management to enable change.


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