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Procurement Diagnostics

Assess and improve your procurement function

Procurement Diagnostics

Poor visibility prevents business leaders from accurately gauging if budgets are optimized; whether faster procurement is feasible; and how efficient supplier collaboration really is. As a result, taking decisions that result in a positive change can be difficult. Moreover, when left unaddressed, these concerns can lead to delays and rigidities that may prevent operations from getting streamlined further.

To efficiently address these challenges, Bristlecone recommends a function-based approach focusing on metrics, which ultimately helps CxOs, Purchase, Finance, and the overall supply chain. The approach identifies problems and effectively classifies the system with best-fit solutions.

A comprehensive Procurement Diagnostic Framework can address:

  • Business Processes: Whether they are aligned with the Vision and their shortcomings, if any.
  • Overall System: Whether business processes are supported with adequate technologies.
  • Data & Analytics: Whether data is good enough and it can be shared in a relevant manner, quickly and accurately.
  • User Adoption: Whether the change will be accepted and found operable by end business users.

The Procurement Diagnostics services offer a holistic assessment of the current state and prescribe the strategic improvement roadmap

  • Current state assessment: Gain insights into current working environment and evaluate gaps within existing processes.
  • Comparison with industry benchmarks: Recommend best practices followed across the industry to ideate out-of-the-box strategy for new processes.
  • Identification of improvement areas: Continuous improvement enables sustainable practices and ensures organizations are adapting to evolving procurement dynamics.
  • Development of adoption roadmap business case creation: Organizations realize that accelerated speed of adoption goes a long way in achieving a higher Return on Investment.

By adopting Procurement diagnostic framework, organizations gain clarity and insights on current business
situations, systems, data transparency, analytics, and most importantly user adoption challenges.
Bristlecone follows a comprehensive diagnostic framework to help clients eliminate their business


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