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Project Driven Supply Chain

Modernizing global collaboration

Project Driven Supply Chain

The complexity of project-based business is impacted by fragmented business operations across Agile Bid to Execute processes and Standard Back-office finance operations. Typically, isolated business decisions create communication gaps and project managers lack modern tools for supply chain management.

Supply Chain Dependencies throughout a project’s Lifecycle: It is critical for project and supply chain teams to communicate and work together, as there are numerous dependencies on supply chain for project success. Supply chain needs to be able to provide the best, most complete information available, to minimize risk and keep the project on schedule, and within budget. However, companies face many challenges in acquiring that information throughout many phases of the lifecycle.


Lead & Project Bidding

Projects Lead and Bidding processes are typically handled partially in CRM while bidding and Deal sheet processes are manual. There is no integrated view of supply chain and supplier collaboration. However, once the project is won, there are no assurances that the project is doable within the timeframe allotted.


Design & engineering

Access to supply chain information is critical. Project managers have difficulty understanding and managing the cost of an engineering-schedule slip and the impact on the overall project as new part numbers, evolution of items, and development of project billing of materials (BOM) are delayed.


Project Execution & Procurement

During the build phase, project managers struggle to view integrated material and service planning, and cannot ensure supply is available when it is required in the project. Early or Late delivery causes cost impact to the project. Project leaders need the ability to do supply-chain simulations and find out the impact of changes. In the absence of real-time project-tracking solutions at distributed and remote project locations, the cost of execution has to bear greater impact.


Delivery & installation

In large turnkey projects, capital can be tied up for months with limited capability to predict and manage schedule. If project planners had better visibility into the supply chain, they could have more accurately moved and replaced components, optimized revenue, and shaped cash flow better.

Bristlecone solution for Project Driven Supply Chain ensures seamless and integrated business operations—Project Bidding, Project planning & Execution, Project budget management, Material and service supply chain and Billing and asset management—as turnkey business solutions.

The solution addresses how companies, who typically deliver goods and services by way of projects, struggle to synchronize projects with supply chain planning operations even with Best-of-breed technology—SFDC as CRM, SAP/eBS as ERP and Oracle EPPM solution of P6, Unifier, Autovue, P6 Analytics, and Oracle PPM cloud solution.

Sunpower planning solution

Case Study: Bristlecone implemented a holistic collaborative planning solution spanning business processes from demand planning and sales

planning and collaboration capability

Datasheet: Bristlecone with Oracle offers a highly differentiated forecasting,planning and collaboration capability with their Demantra modules


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