Get to the Oracle Integration Cloud Even Faster

Cloud deployment is simple.

Integration is not … but it can be.

Oracle Integration Cloud eliminates barriers between systems, databases and processes across the entire enterprise. The resulting unified environment offers a competitive advantage through automated workflows, increased productivity, enhanced experiences and improved agility.

There are thousands of integration possibilities in the Oracle Integration Cloud – applications, data sources and file systems; on-premise and cloud-based; any process and any department. Oracle Integration Cloud includes over 50 prebuilt adapters that connect all the dots and help ease the integration process so you can get to the cloud faster. Oracle also provides tools for you to build your own integrations, and that’s certainly a great option for many organizations.

But oftentimes, companies have one or more problematic square-peg-round-hole integrations that require specialized expertise to build and deploy. Others simply lack the internal resources or desire to tackle an integration project like this. In both cases, it helps to have a partner.

Bristlecone is that partner.

To accelerate the mapping of data and applications within the Oracle Integration Cloud, we leverage Oracle’s 50+ prebuilt adapters as well as dozens of our own. We also have expertise in designing and deploying extremely complex custom integrations.

There’s something else to consider, too. Just because you can build and deploy new technology quickly doesn’t mean it will be well-received by your stakeholders. In fact, rapid change is not a good idea unless you have a clear change management plan in place to ease the transition.

Our solution includes the change management services you need to be successful with Oracle Cloud Integration – so you can drive high user adoption and achieve instant results.