The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa


An overview of Pulse

At Bristlecone Pulse 2017, leaders in Supply Chain Management shared insights on technologies and actionable processes that give businesses the competitive edge. The sessions at Pulse 2017 focused on the changing demands of the global marketplace, the intricacies of supply chain, and emerging technologies that will enable digitalization and increase customer value. Pulse 2017 also provided the ideal platform for participants to network and exchange ideas with peers and industry leaders.

Headline Speakers

Industry experts and thought leaders challenged attendees to reconsider traditional approaches to supply chain, procurement, and analytics.

Bristlecone Speakers

Bristlecone is a premier Supply Chain Advisory firm focused on enabling Digitally Connected and Sustainable Supply Chains. We are amongst the Top 10 Supply Chain & Analytics brands.


Irfan A. Khan

President & CEO, Bristlecone

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Naresh Hingorani

Vice President Operations, Bristlecone

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Sweeni Ponoth

General Manager, Bristlecone Labs

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Bhushan Indane

Client Partner at Bristlecone

Video Highlights

2017 Pulse Event
Headline Speakers
Industry Analysts
Market perspectives
The Complete opening session
by Irfan A. Khan
Bristlecone Innovations session
by Sweeni Ponoth

The Venue

Bristlecone Pulse

Venue :The Meritage Resort and Spa - Napa, CA

Date : February 8 – February 10, 2017

The Agenda

2016 Pulse Event