Quality is Everyone’s concern in IoT Era – Silicon Summit Panel

Yesterday I was part of the Panel at the Silicon Summit 2017 organized by Global Semiconductor Alliance. Hundreds of Silicon Valley technocrats and executives came together to discuss next big technological shift coming up from IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Data growth and how will it impact the industry. “What are the challenges before semiconductor industry in these disruptive times?” was the key topic.

It was interesting to understand different perspectives from industry leaders like McKinsey, Intel, Micron, Qualcomm, Cisco, Marvell, IBM, NVidia, and others. As a part of the panel, we discussed how the Quality is becoming everyone’s concern in the IOT era. With 7000 semiconductor devices per car, even one part per million failure will result in a massive challenge. How to build the antifragile Supply Chain to avoid and mitigate the risk is what industry needs to think about. With more and more semiconductor companies are moving from being a traditional chip company to a new generation platform companies with advanced AI, analytics, robotics as a part of solution portfolio, how do you see the business change in next five years, is the question.

Interestingly, at the location of the silicon summit, Computer History Museum in Mountain View, the first thing that welcomes you is a prototype of a Google driverless car. One can imagine the pace of disruption in the market if the driverless car is already becoming an artifact in the history museum.