White Paper: Real-Time Data Replication to SAP HANA

How to Maintain Transactional Integrity
Reduce Latency by Leveraging Oracle Golden Gate

In today’s world, big data is the very foundation upon which analysis is performed. It’s the cornerstone for informed decision-making, allowing organizations to make forward-thinking decisions that benefit the bottom line. However, given the sheer amount of data companies collect, analysis is often difficult due to processing times. Not only does latency delay subsequent action, but it also reduces the overall value of the data. To combat this diminishing value to take the right actions at the right time, companies must ensure the availability of real-time data for big data processing and reduce data latency.

This whitepaper will help readers reduce latency by leveraging the capabilities of Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) to provide mechanisms for real-time integration with SAP HANA database using a custom Java adapter. It outlines the high-level replication procedure to move data from HP NonStop Tandem to SAP HANA database and gives insight into Bristlecone’s competencies to replicate data into SAP HANA using OGG, irrespective of the source system type and data integration.

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