Remembering Deepak Ghodke, VP, Bristlecone Labs – 1972 – 2020

“To all mankind – may we never find space so vast, planets so cold, heart and mind so empty that we cannot fill them with love and warmth.” – Star Trek’s Garth of Izar

The Bristlecone family is deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of Deepak Ghodke on Saturday, January 25, 2020. Deepak was a valued member of the Bristlecone executive leadership team, heading the Supply Chain Applications Business Unit, Bristlecone Labs, since joining the company in November 2018.

Deepak was a vibrant and compassionate individual whose energy and enthusiasm were contagious. He was always willing to lend a hand, quick with a smile and, though brilliant, incredibly humble.

“Compassion. That’s the one thing no machine ever had. Maybe it’s the one thing that keeps men ahead of them.” – Dr. McCoy to Mr. Spock in Star Trek

An avid Star Trek fan, Deepak challenged us “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” It was a guiding principle he seemed to embrace throughout his career. He was committed to achieving customer success through innovation and service, and he was always looking for ways in which technology can make a difference in the world. At Bristlecone, he was an evangelist for using AI and other advanced technologies to drive the future of supply chain. The industry has lost a true visionary.

Those of us who were fortunate to work with Deepak have lost a dear friend and colleague. He will be missed.

Deepak is survived by his wife Grishmi and daughter Anura.

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  1. Ajay Nanaware
    Ajay Nanaware says:

    We studied together in Sainik School Satara (India) since std 6th to std 12th , 7 years. Lived in same house, had meals, sports together. Deepak was a gem of a person. Very brilliant in studies and very compassionate too. His untimely exit creates infilling space in our lives. We know that on one is immortal but things will not be same as before.

    Fond memories of our dear friend.
    Rest in peace buddy

  2. Apurva Deshmukh
    Apurva Deshmukh says:

    It was very saddening Deepak passing away. It was an Untimely demise of a Thorough Gentleman, polite, knowledgeable and a loving person. Having spent 7 years with him growing together in the residential school, will really miss him in the life. Me and my family share the sorrows with the Ghodke family. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

  3. Gautham Vemuganti
    Gautham Vemuganti says:

    Rest in peace Deepak. You were taken away too soon. I will never forget the positive energy you exuded.

  4. A R Narayanan
    A R Narayanan says:

    Deeply Saddened to read about untimely demise . Though i met him only once, when he joined , it was like meeting long-lost friend & we bonded well immediately in Pune office. May his soul rest in peace .

  5. Rohit Aneja
    Rohit Aneja says:

    It is still unbelievable that we have lost such remarkable and humble personality. I will always remember his piece of advice – Don’t make 100 things and try to master them all, instead make 1 thing which nobody in the world has done and do it so well that you become a leader in it.
    May god bless his soul and may he rest in peace. Prayers for whole family.

  6. Hitesh Dubey
    Hitesh Dubey says:

    Dear Deepak,

    May you rest in peace and may God give your family the courage to bear this colossal loss.

    In my short association with you, every single interaction was an immense learning opportunity. you never stated the obvious and you handled difficult questions with a lot of sensitivity. You were a thorough gentleman and a true leader. You will always be an inspiration to me in more ways than one.

    All I want to tell your family is that we all share their grief and we all have missed someone we wont be able to replace. Please accept my deepest condolences and do let us know if I can help in any way possible, at any time in my life, I will do my best.

  7. Haritha.K
    Haritha.K says:

    It’s a huge loss to our Bristlecone family.

    My deepest condolences to Deepak Ghodke sir.

    Rest in peace!!

    May God protect your family members always

  8. Gulammohammed Saiyad
    Gulammohammed Saiyad says:

    My sincere condolences to the grieving family.
    I am deeply saddened by this loss.
    Thoughts and prayers for family.

  9. Aathiabitha
    Aathiabitha says:


    Will always remember you for inspiring us to do better and do more. Your quest for learning new things will be remembered life long. Rest in peace Deepak!

  10. Arijit Datta
    Arijit Datta says:

    Rest in peace Deepak. It is so difficult to think that you are not going to be around anymore. Every conversation has been a memorable one. And I will miss the “Arijit Singh” bit the most!! #deepakghodke

  11. Shubham Magar
    Shubham Magar says:

    During induction program I got a chance to interact with Deepak, Although it was virtual but I felt connected with him. It was the best session , the way he talked and represented the company was splendid. Hat’s off to him. It was my dream to meet him once but unfortunately my dream won’t be fulfilled now 🙁 Will miss him.. RIP.

  12. Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh says:

    We may not comprehend why he needed to leave us unexpectedly early however we implore that God will comfort you and lift you up. Our supplications and musings are with you during this difficult time that you have lost your significant family member.

  13. Vinayak Pandey
    Vinayak Pandey says:

    This news comes as a great shock to all of us at Bristlecone, not only did we lose a committed professional & a leader, but also a vibrant personality & dear friend.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, relatives and friends.
    Rest In Peace
    Om Shanti

  14. Subhash Wagle
    Subhash Wagle says:

    Haven’t got an opportunity to directly work with Deepak. But had been an audience in a K-cafe session conducted by Deepak a few months ago. It was by far the best session ever on K-café!! We have lost a true visionary and a great mentor.

  15. Joel Fernandes
    Joel Fernandes says:

    In March 2019, a few things were not working out for me personally and professionally, and I had to make a choice to leave Bristlecone and the United States and head back home to Mumbai. Though I’d known him only for a few months by then, at this tough juncture for me, Deepak had his arm around me. This was when I got to know Deepak as a person and his larger than life personality. He was there to lend a ear and I missed that I wouldn’t get to be around his pure enthusiasm. So, when he called a few months later “Hey Champ, want to join back? I got a role for you” , I did not even hesitate to say Yes. I admired Deepak the leader quite a lot, but I admired Deepak the person way more. If anyone ever imbibed the philosophy of pulling the team up together, it was him.

    We spoke of things outside of work quite a bit and I know he loved his wife, daughter and parents a lot and always told me “You need that support system man, the one that’s there for you unconditionally”. Deepak always counted his family in his blessings and I’m sure they do the same. Please stay strong in this tough time and remember that Bristlecone, as well as myself, will always be around for you just as he was always around for us.

    With you, always
    Joel Fernandes

  16. Sridhar
    Sridhar says:

    Though I have not worked with him in any professional capacity, his loss is huge for a growing organization like us. He had definitely left a void that cannot be filled very easily. My thoughts and prayers with his family in this hour of grief and bless his soul to attain the infinite. SadhGati

  17. Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta says:

    Praying that God grants peace to the soul of dear Deepak. Words are never sufficient to express and it is this grief that we are paying as a price for the love and affection that we have for Deepak. Hope, wish and pray to the Almighty that all the memories of Deepak give strength to his family, although it is difficult to see today beyond the sorrow.
    Writing this Goodbye hurt the most.

  18. Chuck Hooper
    Chuck Hooper says:

    A dear friend lost. It’s hard to process.
    We’d talk or lunch every few months just to stay in each other’s lives. He was an incredible human being, in so many ways. His love for his family was amazing.

  19. Siddarth Jain
    Siddarth Jain says:

    I had a very brief meeting with Deepak but in that small time, he made a lasting impression with warmth and smile. He will be always remembered as great leader and human being…

  20. Carl Orletti
    Carl Orletti says:

    Few people in this world have the ability to realize the difference between what is real and what is not, Deepak got it! As a newbie to Bcone he welcomed me in like no other and went out of his way to help. He was a true gentleman and we will be less without him. RIP Deepak.

  21. Srinivas Sarepaka
    Srinivas Sarepaka says:

    RIP.Great human being.Heard his singing talent also in Diwali get together at san jose office.Life is quiet unpredictable.

  22. Andy De
    Andy De says:

    Hard to believe that my friend, my former colleague and my brother Deepak is no longer with us!

    Deepak touched the lives of everyone he came in touch with in amazing ways, which has endeared him to his family, his friends and his colleagues who all have stories to tell of how he went above and beyond to make a difference to their lives, and lit up their lives and their parties with his indomitable spirit!

    Keep smiling in your heavenly above, my friend – we will miss you for ever more!


    MADAN G NATU says:

    This is really shocking. we worked together at i2 technologies and have fond memories of working on our various products and implementation of those products with out customers. I had lost touch with him when he relocated to India, but, he made it a point to reestablish the connection when he came back to US. He valued relationships. Words cannot express the loss.

  24. Sean Hughes
    Sean Hughes says:

    A wonderful person that I had the privilege to work with over 10 years while at Tableau and Hyperion. Deepak defines the purest definitions of the term, “company builder”. Entrepreneur, innovative, problem solver, cultural builder, strategic partner, and most importantly a thoughtful and kind friend.

    I will miss is presence, smile, advice, and friendship. My heart goes out to his family.

    With Love,

    Sean S Hughes

  25. Nitin Miranda
    Nitin Miranda says:

    I just met Deepak for the first time last week and its so hard to fathom that our short meeting for a couple of hours would be our first and last meeting.

    RIP Deepak Ghodke

  26. Dr. Udaysiingh more
    Dr. Udaysiingh more says:

    Deepak it’s very difficult to believe that we can’t see you anymore. He was such a brilliant student since school and everyone likes to be with him due to his loving compassionate caring nature.
    ईश्वर मृताम्यास शांती व सद्गती देवो व त्यांच्या कुटुंबीयांना यातून सावरण्याची ताकद देवो

  27. Sarathy
    Sarathy says:

    In a very short time in Bristlecone, Deepak captured all our hearts. But in a too-short time, he left us. This is not fair. I have seen very few people like Deepak, always calm and smiling.

    May God bless his soul and may he rest in peace. Prayers for the whole family

  28. Salil Mehendale
    Salil Mehendale says:

    Deepak was my new found friend for last 10 months but we connected very quickly and build great bond. My every trip to San Jose was incomplete without Lunch/Dinner outing with him.

    Deepak to me was person with calm, witty and composed person. His advise on living healthy lifestyle and staying fit was precious.

    I can’t believe my friend is no more and my heart feels the pinch.

    My heart goes to his family and friend.

    Travel sage and quickly to heaven my

  29. Venkata S Palle
    Venkata S Palle says:

    It’s terrible to hear about your loss, May God give him rest and peace. My sincere sympathy to the Ghodke family.

  30. Tushar Badlani
    Tushar Badlani says:

    I met Deepak for the first time when he visited the Pune office last year, ever since then I have had a few interactions with him. He was the person who always had a big smile on his face no matter what we discussed, You will be missed Deepak. RIP.

  31. Bhushan Awasare
    Bhushan Awasare says:

    A residential school dormmate of 7 years…Table Tennis doubles partner… A wonderful human being…Met him and family few months back after all these years.. miss u buddy…

  32. Gurdip Singh
    Gurdip Singh says:

    My first impression of Deepak was formed when he welcomed me to his home for a fine meal – my very first week on the job. I will alway remember Deepak for his generosity of spirit and his kindness. A thorough gentleman – he will be missed.

  33. Rick Elieson
    Rick Elieson says:

    I have fond memories of Deepak’s enthusiasm and bright, contagious optimism. The first time I met him, a 15 minute hallway conversation turned into a six hour discussion. It was a wonderful day that still dramatically shapes the way my company works today, many years later. My heart and prayers are with his family as well as my gratitude for sharing him with us.

  34. Katie Sheehan
    Katie Sheehan says:

    Deepak has always been a bright positive shining light. He was a fun friend and colleague. We had so many pleasant conversations as we worked together at Hyperion and now reuniting as a team at Bristlecone when I started this past December. My heart is heavy and can’t describe how sorry I am for his family and friends. Today and always, may loving memories bring you peace, comfort and strength – God bless you.. Walk into the sunset Deepak and rest in eternal peace my dear friend.
    Love and Prayers,
    Katie Sheehan

  35. Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas says:

    Deepak and I shared memories of Sai I’m School (I went to a different one in Gujarat) and IIT Bombay; when we worked together at i2. And as a fellow runner, we always exchanged stories He was the consummate professional committed to customer and company. And ever ready with a smile. My heart goes out to his family. God Bless!

  36. Dan Murray
    Dan Murray says:

    Deepak was one of my very best friends in business and technology. He and I worked closely together in the early days of Tableau. He was a fine human being and a great friend and supporter. I will miss him deeply.

  37. Jayprakash Chipalkatti
    Jayprakash Chipalkatti says:

    Still coming to terms with reality. My heart and Strength to his family. Just met him last month in our 25 yr reunion. Such a wonderful, jovial, compassionate human being. Will miss you Deepak !

  38. Karthik B G
    Karthik B G says:

    May god bless his soul and give his family and dear ones the strength to cope with this huge loss

  39. Venkatesh Sundaram
    Venkatesh Sundaram says:

    Heart felt condolences to his family. I had the opportunity to work with him in the past. Rest in peace my friend.

  40. Mayur Kabra
    Mayur Kabra says:

    Deepak Sir One of the Best personality I’ve ever met so far the one who always use to feel make us feel so special. Always use to appreciate all small things. I was Banker to him but our Relationship was more over like friends always. He always use to Congratulate me on my achievements.

    It’s a great loss to Family. May his soul Rest in peace.

  41. Rakhi Makad
    Rakhi Makad says:

    I’ve known Deepak for the last 14 months, but it feels like a whole lot more! He started off as a boss, soon to become a mentor and took over as a friend. A few of us, called him ‘bhau’, more like ‘dada’ or brother, and that’s what he was for us – always confident and proud of his team; always there for us, no matter what we screwed up; and, always finding that one positive thing, in a mess, and building on it to take things forward. He never gave up on people or situations, never got angry or even mildly aggressive (for more than like 20 secs), and always brought in a sense of balance.

    ‘Balance’ reminds me of Deepak’s WhatsApp DP cairns (little stack of precariously balanced rocks) which said so much about making a conscious effort towards creating a balance. His smile, sense of calm and near-zero stress of any eventuality always reflected on this balance, which he tried to inculcate in all of us. He was most helpful in my personal hour of need, when I was struggling to balance work and home – his conversation and personal examples on priorities, what matters most, and balance will stay with me for long.

    Of the many things that one could learn from Deepak, the one that makes a lasting impression on me is his reaching out to people. Not for the sake of it, but out of genuine concern. Perhaps, that’s what makes him the great human that he is. And, perhaps that shows in the ecosystem of friends that he has around him. For any problem, however niche, he always had that someone he could freely call to get some advice.

    People like Deepak are far and few, and I truly count it as my luck for us to have crossed paths. I don’t want to say that I’ll sorely miss him, but rather, I’ll remember him as a beautiful part of my professional and personal journey and hope to carry forward what I learnt.

    To his family – I cannot fathom what you could be going through, when we feel the loss so deeply, after such a brief connection. But, knowing Deepak and the strong emotional foundation that he must have built with each one of you, I’m sure you’ll stay strong and celebrate every moment spent with him for your lifetime. I have not met any of you personally, but the volumes that Deepak spoke about you, makes you feel like one of my own. I wish only the best for you always.

    God bless.

  42. Mukesh M Hegde
    Mukesh M Hegde says:

    “Say not in grief he is no more – but live in thankfulness that he was”. This Hebrew saying is apt for Deepak.

    I met him only the second time in 25 years at our Reunion last month. The re-connect was so immediate and warm it was as if we were in touch every day of the last 25 years. We reminisced our hostel life, the fun we had and the pranks we played.

    I am thankful to have known Deepak. I never recollect him having a tense moment. Always jovial he had a sweet, welcoming smile. Celebrating his life is the best way to serve his memory.

  43. Puja Reddy
    Puja Reddy says:

    Only in a few interactions with Deepak, I learned a lot from him. Now when I think of him, all I recall is his smiling face and his words of wisdom. Whenever we spoke about challenges, he had an example to quote and suggested a book that I should read to improve myself. He was so wise yet so humble. He had such a positive aura around him that every interaction was a pleasant one. He will always be in our thoughts.
    I pray God gives strength to his family and loved ones.

  44. David McMullin
    David McMullin says:

    Life is short. I am fortunate to have known Deepak Ghodke. Deepak was a rare and very special person for many reasons. Deepak helped people be better. Deepak was an inspirational mentor to me. Regardless of the circumstance, Deepak was always composed. The depth to which Deepak cared about his family, life, and people around him was remarkable.
    When I first joined Tableau, Deepak pulled me aside and said, “David, I will help you with whatever you need – just call me”. At that time, everything was new to me, so I didn’t yet have full appreciation for the extent of his offer. I didn’t report to Deepak; He wasn’t a manager. He was a front line level seller just like me. I sensed that most of my peers, myself included, were under pressure to perform (ie over-achieve), but I also sensed that while Deepak was exposed to and under the same pressures, he exuded calmness. His calmness and professionalism was absent any ounce of arrogance, and that was one of his many qualities that I immediately admired. I shared my observation with him on several occasions, and he’d speak to the power of meditation, focusing on people, experiences, and doing the right thing; Everything else will naturally fall in to place he would say.
    Deepak was one of an early frontiersmen for the enterprise field sales team at Tableau. His finger prints and legacy are on the foundation of Tableau’s business and with accounts such as Unilever, Walmart, and Fannie Mae just to name a few.
    On many occasions I took Deepak up on his offer to assist. Rarely did I get his voice mail when I phoned him. At the time, Deepak and his family were living in Dallas TX, and on many occasions, Deepak would hop on a plane to meet up, and join me for my client meetings. Deepak and I spent time together on site at PNC in PGH, in CLE, and at Capital One in Va as well as Geico in MD. I remember when he and I were traveling together and doing meetings, and when we needed to stop for either lunch or dinner, his #1 restaurant choice was Subway!
    To no surprise, Deepak helped me close my first Tableau sale. Again, Deepak did all of this while carrying his own quota, and managing his own schedule and set of priorities.
    Over time, and after I had secured my ‘sea-legs’, Deepak and I spent less and less time together. He accepted an offer to start up Tableau’s business in India, and afterwards we only saw each other twice, but we spoke at length over phone though several times a year. Deepak and I spent time together at TC in Austin TX, and we talked at length about the challenges of starting up Tableau’s business in India; The last time I saw Deepak was at TC in New Orleans, and I have a special photo of Deepak and I plus Barry and Elissa. I attribute much of what I have been able to accomplish here at Tableau to Deepak Ghodke.
    Rest in peace my friend Deepak.
    Deepak’s passing is very sad to me. I miss him, and I will miss our conversations.
    My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, daughter, and family.

  45. Nikhil Kaushik
    Nikhil Kaushik says:

    Deepak was one of the best mentors anyone can have. Within a few interactions I had with him during Management calls and 1:1 calls, I saw a great mentor and a leader!
    I still remember one of the Management calls when I asked to drop off early due to some personal work and he asked me to setup a 1:1 catch-up next morning my time, since it was too late in the night here in India. I setup the 1:1 call with him, and next thing I know he called me immediately after 30 minutes or so. When I picked up, his first words were “Hero, what’s up?” and then we had a half an hour long chat about personal life and career.
    He was such a humble and genuine person.
    I aspire to have qualities like him to be always humble, connect with people, and being able inspire others to always strive to do more!

  46. Mukund Srinivas
    Mukund Srinivas says:

    Hard to accept that an individual with as much life, positive energy, warmth and an unstoppable “can do” spirit in any situation as Deepak is not with us any more. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths and to have worked with him. Wish his family all the strength to endure this difficult period.

  47. Lutz Guardiola
    Lutz Guardiola says:

    “There will be a reunion on a brighter day”

    Deepak and I share only few interactions, but these were more than enough to experience his manifold expressed life-affirming attitude.

    My thoughts are with his wife, daughter and family.

  48. Suzanne Hoffman
    Suzanne Hoffman says:

    A first class citizen and personal friend. Such a tragic loss. He inspired us all to greatness. I am so sorry for his family and those who never had the chance to be inspired by Deepak. I am grateful to have worked with him at multiple companies over the years.

  49. elliott bruns
    elliott bruns says:

    Deepak was the salt of the earth. Every conversation with him reflected his intelligence, passion and most of all — his warmth. His loss is a loss to all humanity. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by all who knew him.

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