Rhode Show – Building a Customer-Centric Business

The era of disruption and digitization is not only upon us, it’s persistently forcing evolutionary changes in the business landscape at an indiscriminately rapid pace. Those companies aptly positioned to adapt fast to fluid marketplace dynamics can survive, but forethought and proactive measures must be put in place to best assure that. A philosophy of “accepting no limits” and “embracing alternative thinking” must be engrained in a company’s culture to fundamentally change its paradigm for success.

This is according to, Irfan Khan, who joined us on ‘The Rhode Show’ this morning. He’s the innovation-driven President and CEO of Bristlecone (a MIT strategic partner that’s a subsidiary of the $19B Mahindra Group) and for the first time ever, this Microsoft alum is making himself available for interviews and editorials providing tactical, real-world solutions.

Khan is a revered marketplace change agent known for building customer-centric organizations, driving business transformation and leading and managing turnaround growth strategies in business-to-business environments.

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