White Paper: SAP CPI-DS – Simplifying SAP IBP Integration

Simplifying cloud integration and empowering customers to quickly adopt advanced supply chain planning capabilities with SAP IBP

As organizations race to achieve competitive advantage driven by technology, the power of cloud computing is making it easier for businesses to adopt or subscribe to multiple disparate cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications. This is leading to a rapid shift in IT landscape from on-premise applications to a hybrid mix of on-premise and SaaS applications – and it introduces new challenges for IT teams attempting to simplify enterprise integration. The existing integration platforms are too complex to easily involve participation from business users, resulting in costly, time-consuming and error-prone integration solutions. Businesses need a simple, agile, user-friendly integration platform that can respond quickly to their evolving needs.

SAP® IBP (Integrated Business Planning), powered by SAP HANA® in-memory technology, is a real-time supply chain planning solution that combines the capabilities of sales, operations, demand, response and supply planning, as well as inventory optimization. It is a cloud-based SaaS application that enables companies to better understand, analyze, manage and respond to variability within their supply chains.

Implementing SAP IBP poses similar challenges to any SaaS application adoption, and it requires data integration from on-premise systems like ERP and Data Warehousing. SAP offers a lightweight integration software called SAP Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services –SAP CPI-DS (earlier called HCI-DS) to help streamline this process.

In this white paper, we illustrate how SAP CPI-DS helps simplify SAP IBP integration and how Bristlecone can, through expert guidance and preconfigured integration solutions, provide organizations with opportunities for error reduction and accelerated time to market.

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