Prevents Tomorrow’s Problems Today

$91 billion. That was the cost of U.S. natural disasters in 2018. 84%. That’s the percentage of supply chain professionals who say visibility is their biggest challenge.

Imagine being able to sense volatile, real-world conditions in near real time.

Would you be able to adapt and respond appropriately? Embrace opportunities before they pass by? Reduce losses? And could those capabilities take you one step closer to antifragility?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Now stop imagining. That technology is here today.

Bristlecone’s NEO platform is supply chain’s new early warning system.

This powerful cloud-based solution from Bristlecone arms you with actionable insight. It does this by leveraging AI to ingest and mine a deluge of data – from hundreds of public and private data sources – then overlaying the external event data with internal supply chain data.

Here’s how it works: ASSESSES. It proactively monitors and gauges the potential impact of current and historical world events on your supply chain. ALERTS. It helps mitigate risk by providing timely, concise and consolidated updates about disruptions to your ecosystem.

… so you can take ACTION. ensures business continuity by helping prioritize resources when supply, production or fulfillment are disrupted.

Let us show you how it works. Contact us for a demo.