Event: Supply Chain Summit: Sleep Number Recalls its “Journey from Darkness to Digital Transparency”

Atlanta’s Westin Peachtree Plaza was buzzing with activity in mid-June for the 3PL & Supply Chain Summit. Four dedicated tracks on logistics strategy, supply chain strategy, technology and ecommerce provided exclusive industry insights, while arming attendees with the knowledge and inspiration they need to keep pace with ever-evolving customer expectations.

Bristlecone Labs had the pleasure of partnering with the show’s producer, EFT, as a platinum sponsor for the event, and it was our honor to welcome John Brine, director of network optimization and digitization at Sleep Number, to the stage. Brine, together with Bristlecone Labs’ Deepak Ghodke, vice president, and Vasudev Nayak, product manager, delivered the compelling Supply Chain Track Keynote, “A Journey from Darkness to a Digitally Transparent Supply Chain.”

The keynote succinctly captured how organizations today deal with amplified risk because more than 80% of their supply chain lies outside their control. It emerged that supply chains are no longer linear functions, but rather networks of networks driving key processes and operational intelligence. The speakers discussed how it had become essential – now more than ever – to break away from function-specific silos and embrace the supply chain as a holistic sum of its parts.

With annual revenues over $425 million, Sleep Number – much like 84% of organizations – had struggled with the lack of visibility into their supply chain and considered this their biggest challenge. Brine spoke about how, in 2017, the company decided it was time to overcome this hurdle to digital transformation by partnering with Bristlecone Labs.

Brine highlighted how tapping into the Theia platform and InVision app enabled Sleep Number to have data points in what were previously dark spots in their supply chain. As partners, we were thrilled to have Brine speak about how Sleep Number’s journey alongside Bristlecone Labs had taken them from darkness to digital transparency, ensuring they were no longer data rich and insight poor.

Over the course of the two-and-a half-day Summit, we had the chance to interact with supply chain professionals, understand their challenges and introduce the new wave of innovations being conceptualized to tackle these challenges.

Sense.ai and Trace.ai powered by Bristlecone NEO created quite a stir at the Summit – and for good reason. These products enable organizations to gain long-range visibility and help connect dots and data throughout the entire supply chain ecosystem. If you’re wondering what kind of impact this can have on the bottom line, through our supply chain expertise and the power of AI, machine learning and IoT, our clients saved roughly (USD) $235 million last year alone.


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